Universal Faith, National Faith, Self-Realization, God Realization

Is the purpose of religion to bring to the world a good and healthy life with the foundation of faith in One God, or is it to elevate humanity to look beyond this world into the world of eternal life? Both parts of religion are equally important. In the light of the crisis of Coronavirus physical life and its pleasures are becoming almost impossible for the national religious and secular. Faith in God and the afterlife is now of first importance which has been suppressed by many religious and secular philosophies.

BREAKING: Government-run Red Cross is Losing Trust in China

This Thursday, the World Health Organization finally declared the new Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak a global health emergency, which has infected 9,922 people and caused 213 deaths in 21 countries. Nearly 60% of patients are located in the center of the outbreak, Hubei province in China.

The Chinese government has prolonged several times the holidays to make people stay at home as long as possible. Face masks are recommended as a simple prevention when in public. However, the months-long duration of this outbreak has resulted in an enormous shortage of medical materials across China for the citizens and hospitals. Lots of hospitals in Wuhan keep demanding more protective suits and face masks. Trying to help, many organizations started to collect donations and send them to the hospitals. The Red Cross in Wuhan, obviously, has been the choice of many.

Pay Day

Pay Day is a specified day of the week or month when one is paid usually workers collecting wages from their employers. In America it is usually the first of the month.  In Israel the tenth day of the month.

It is a commandment in Deuteronomy 24:14-16, Don’t delay to pay your employed worker the poor and destitute of your brothers or from the strangers immigrants in your land. On the same day you should pay them even not to wait one more day which will be for you a sin.”