Wireless Medical Technologies Market Expands Outreach

Wireless medical technologies facilitate wireless devices to communicate with nearby healthcare service providers and receivers that are connected with cellular systems, landline networks and broadband facilities to access the internet. They reduce the need for long wires and cables for data transmission and provide safe and efficient services to healthcare professionals and patients.

Fleet Management Solution Market Brings New Opportunities

Technological advancements and stringent government regulations in automotive industry have resulted in increased deployment of autonomous vehicles. The adoption of autonomous fleets for commercial and passenger movement is anticipated to increase during coming years. The cost of fleet management hardware and software is decreasing with advancement in technology thereby supporting growth of the fleet management solution market across the globe.

Patient Telemonitoring System Market Sees Steadfast Expansion

Patient telemonitoring system is a wireless system that monitors remote patients outside of the standard clinical settings. It helps the doctors to monitor parameters such as ECG, blood pressure in real time by using sensors. Due to the healthcare facilities provided at home, early detection of any chronic disease reduces number of emergencies during hospitalization and hospital visits. Routine tests and test results to a doctor are done using mobile medical device in real time without any necessity of visiting health care center. This helps chronically ill people to spend more time at home with their families than at hospitals. Hence, counseling of sick people can be done online without waiting for the appointment date.