Three Laundry Tips for New Singles

When people are in a domesticated setting, they almost take for granted how easy it is to do laundry. Maybe they’ve been living with a wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or husband and it’s part of their weekly routines. They’ve been sharing an apartment or a house with a significant other and happen to have a washing machine and dryer in the other room. But then they find themselves single again and that routine becomes disrupted. These very basic things become much more complicated.

Here are three pieces of advice for any new single on things to do that can make life easier when it comes to having an adequate supply of clean clothes.

The #1 Reason Why Your Laundry Still Looks Dirty

If your laundry still looks dirty after you’ve put it through the washer and dryer, it probably is! The reason for this is most likely because you overloaded the washer. Overloading your machine won’t allow it to wash your load completely, which will cause you to have to wash the clothes again – or walk around with dirty clothes on. Here’s why overloading doesn’t help save you time or money on your laundry:

How to Save 2 Hours a Week on Campus by Doing Laundry

The average Joe might figure out how to be efficient doing their laundry, but you can take it up a notch and actually add 2 or more hours to your week if you do it right. They key is to multitask your homework at the same time. Many experts will tell you that multitasking is bad, but they’re wrong. As long as you do it right. Especially when you’re a college student managing a mundane chore like laundry along with a huge pile of homework to do. So let’s get to it, this is how to make your multitasking work:

How to Read the Laundry Symbols on Clothing Tags

So, it’s your first day in the dorms and you spill some coffee on your favorite shirt. Your stomach drops (and swear words fly out of your mouth) because you realize you have at least two more weeks before you’re scheduled to go home (where mom’s gonna help you with your laundry).

Which means… <duhn, duhn, duhn> …you now have to do a load of laundry on your own! You make the trek down to the laundry room with your basket of clothes, soap and quarters in hand, and pull out your shirt, and you actually look at that tag on the collar for the first time in your life. You don’t want to screw this up, it’s your favorite one!

7 Items to Keep Out of the Laundry Room

It might seem that you can wash just about anything, but many items will actually prevent your other clothing items from getting clean, or worse will damage the machine – or your clothing – beyond repair. Here’s some of the things you should keep out of laundry room:


Most people think they can throw their shoes – especially their running shoes – in the wash. Don’t do it! Most running shoes will shrink, and they could even damage the interior of the machine. Plus the laces often get caught or wrapped around other clothing that prevents other items from truly getting clean. If you have some white canvas tennis shoes, those are pretty safe, just make sure to take the laces out first.