Coronavirus: Duque Announces “Ten Commandments” of Intelligent Isolation

Yesterday, Colombian President Ivan Duque announced the “ten commandments” for what will be “Joint and Intelligent Preventive Isolation” that will allow the country to return to productivity, but still without a social life, as part of a pandemic emergency. The President stated that the Coronavirus will not leave the country or the world on April 27, and recalled that according to experts, COVID-19 will remain for a year and a half.

Colombian Teachers Join Students for More Education Funding, Less Police Violence

Thousands of students marched on Thursday in the main cities of Colombia to demand the government increase the budget for public education. In Bogota, where the demonstrations were the most numerous, these ended with small clashes between the police and hooded groups. Even several journalists were intimidated by strangers, but the students themselves fixed the situation by moving them away.

Former FARC Rebels Apologize for Kidnappings in Colombia

Former leaders of Colombia’s once-largest guerrilla group recognized their “ethical and political” responsibility for the numerous kidnappings of civilians committed by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. FARC is suspected to be responsible for kidnapping at least 522 missing people. “We are reflecting deeply over the acts of war so that we can ask for forgiveness for the errors committed,” said Rodrigo Londono, president of the Common Alternative Revolutionary Force, FARC’s political party.

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