Elections in Less Than One Week – Nation Returns to Normalcy

Elections are coming next week. Polls show that there is a possibility that Netanyahu may gather enough mandates to make a government all on the right side. This will include Likud, Yamina headed by Naftali Bennet, Shas religious Sephardic Jewish party, United Torah Judaism party, and the religious Zionist party. Gidyon Saar who broke off from Likud to make the New Hope Party  could gather 10 mandates.

Israel Discovers Miracle Cure for Healing Severe Cases of Corona

Israel is in the middle of an outbreak of Corona virus which has grown rapidly in the country due to the British, South African, and Brazilian mutations. Despite a lockdown for four weeks, the number of daily infections has almost seen almost no change. Unlike previous lockdowns, the third lockdown has almost been unsuccessful to reduce the percentages of infection. Even after administrating over 3 million vaccinations primarily to those in immediate danger from Corona, the mortality rate continues to be the highest in Israel Corona history. Hospitalizations are continuing almost without reduction, severe cases and those on ventilators.

A King Without a People – Learning the Bible During Corona Pandemic

God is the king of the universe. He is hidden from his people in a place unknown. His justice is unknown. The world suffers from Corona Pandemic. The world is seeking a light at the end of the tunnel.

God created the world as it says in the first words of the Bible, In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. About this beginning there is a question. Some say the beginning was millions of years in the past. Others point to the beginning six days before the known creation of man on the planet earth. Man was created on the six day of creation after all the other creations including animals. God gave to Adam this world, the planet earth. Adam ruled the earth like it says “and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that dwells on the earth.”

Chassidic Rabbi in Los Angeles Heals From Corona with Cocktail of Doctor Zelenko

California especially Los Angeles is being hit hard by Corona Pandemic. A Chassidic Rabbi in the Heart of Los Angeles the Jewish religious neighborhood of LaBrea in a short speech spoke about Corona which infected many people from his congregation including himself. On Friday before the Sabbath he received a telephone call that one or more of his congregants had tested positive for Corona. The Rabbi was forced to close his synagogue on that Sabbath. He himself tested for Corona and received a positive response.

A Happy New Year With a Light at the End of the Tunnel

This year 2020 has been difficult for everyone. It was not the usual celebration at Times Square in Manhatten. 2020 is called the worst year of our lives.

Global leaders took to the social media to wish their citizens a brighter future. Many acknowledged the sacrifices people made and thanked the public for pulling together through a historically difficult year. To date more than 1.8 million people have died from Corona Pandemic.

Finding God in Corona Pandemic and US Elections

Democracy gives freedom for people to adapt their lives according to the times. People will choose the candidate most suitable to their needs. They connect to God in the way they choose.

Corona Pandemic has thrown a darkness on the world which may compel people to look for spiritual help. There are two types of people, closed minded and open minded. There are people who are set in their ways and refuse to change. People have already become atheists and only look at life as a natural phenomenon. They believe in evolution of the species, and that life is a combination of natural energies which always existed and will always exist.

Corona Pandemic Belongs to God Not to Biden or Trump

Before the final day when you decide to cast your ballot don’t make the mistake to judge Trump because of his handling of the Corona Pandemic. The Corona Pandemic came from God with powers from heaven which have baffled the greatest of scientists. There is not one leader of nations of the world that has successfully stopped the Pandemic. Those that succeeded in the first stage, failed in the second stage like Israel.

Trump Continues to Fight Bureaucracy

Bureaucracy has laid a temporary blow to the aspirations of President Trump in his battle to MAGA make America great again. Bureaucracy is defined in the Cambridge Dictionary as ” a system for controlling or managing a country, company or organization that is operated by a large number of officials employed to follow rules properly.  Another definition of bureaucracy is the administrative system governing any large institution public or private.

God is the Boss Not WHO or China

Already several months the world has been overwhelmed by the Corona outbreak. Airports have been closed. Cities have been shutdown. Millions of people have been infected by the virus. Hundreds of thousands of people have died.

The end of the Pandemic is forthcoming. Mankind has learned a hard lesson. Corona has thrown a knockout punch greater than the knockout punch which Cassius Clay Mohammed Ali downed Sonny Liston in the first round of the heavyweight boxing championship. The lesson has been learned by Mankind which is “we are all equal.” We are all sinners.  The Deadly virus was sent by God to teach this lesson against the arrogance of mankind.

Defending the Right to Be Rich – George Floyd- Corona

Corona virus teaches to be satisfied with your portion in life. Corona the enemy of all of mankind American, Russian, Brazilian, White, and Black, Jewish, Christian has been also called the great equalizer. The Bible teaches poverty is compared to death. No one wants to be poor. Becoming rich is an incentive for Americans. In a Communist society there is no incentive to become rich. In a society where there is no incentive to become rich, joy is lacking.

The Corona Cop Derek Chauvin – “I Can’t Breathe”

George Floyd pleaded “I can’t breathe” while police officer Derek Chauvin kept his knee on the neck of the man he arrested for 8 minutes and 45 seconds. George Floyd died of suffocation. It is unknown the reason the policeman was cruel and merciless. For sure he knew that he was headed to be arrested for man slaughter. It is queer why the other three policemen could not stop George from being killed.

Messiah Messiah – Learning from Corona

Corona has come as a sign from God. Corona strikes hard at the arrogance of mankind. Corona has come to reveal the universal faith. Corona has come to improve democracy by adding to it the Universal faith. With all the technology of mankind the virus has been able to cripple the world economy. Corona threw a knockout punch at modern society even quicker than the knockout punch of Cassius Clay Mohammed Ali which floored Sonny Liston in the first round.

The Modern State of Israel – Corona – Quarantine

Today after two months in quarantine, there is a group of people who have had enough with quarantine and want to go out of quarantine to accept the fate of the sickness Corona for good and bad. Accepting Corona virus they hope will produce in them anti-bodies to protect them in the future. They are accepting the inevitability of catching the super contagious virus. Today you can hide from the virus through quarantine but eventually it will catch up with you. WPO is against this approach. Scientists say: Corona is not as bad as we thought. We have to live with it. The young will survive.  Life will continue with another disease to live with.

Covid19 – A Revolution for Democracy and Equality

Covid-19 has produced a revolution. The whole world is locked down on the way to normalcy. The great powers of the world Russia, China, U.S. are victims of Covid revolution. Covid has been called “the great equalizer.”  Covid is at war with humanity to break through it conflicts.  Covid is a challenge to humanity. Scientists say, “Covid is here to stay. It is not as bad as we thought”  Covid will make changes even after return to normalcy.

The Universal Faith, Corona and HIV

The Universal Faith fulfills the commandment Love your Neighbor without distinction of their race, creed or color. The rich are loved equally with the poor. The mentally ill are loved with the healthy emotional minded. The Universal Faith receives in love the gay community.

The whole world has gone into quarantine when the Wuhan China coronavirus was carried by people to other nations in the world. Corona is very contagious and easily is transferred from one person to other. One Corona infected person in a group gathering can infect the whole group. The experts on viral diseases are learning more every day about Corona virus called Covid-19 because it is new appearing in 2019.  People who contact Corona the first few days may not feel any symptoms and are carriers of the virus. Symptoms come after the first few days usually fever. Quarantine is encouraged before the symptoms occur through being in contact without two meters and a mask and glove with infected people.  Infected people are tracked to know where they were to identify other people in contact with them to enter quarantine.

Strong Government – Universal Faith – Corona

Corona has opened up the eyes of mankind to the importance of strong government. At the time of a crisis is more realized the need for a strong government. The American entertainer Madonna in her website called Corona the great equalizer.  Bill Gates the multi billionaire said, Corona crisis is like a world war but everyone is one the same side. The statements of Madonna and Bill Gates have a great connection both expressing the need for unity in the time of a great crisis like Corona. Bill de Blasio the mayor of New York said, People need strong government for life especially in times of crisis.

The Real Messiah and Corona

Corona virus is forcing religious leaders to tell the truth about the Messiah. In the middle of each world crisis whether it be a World War or a Pandemic people begin think about the Messiah. Religious leaders already for two thousand years answer the questions of people in turmoil from the pains of suffering and death, “The Messiah is at the door ready to come.”

Resurrection Healing, Simple Faith, Preventative Medicine and Corona

Corona virus disease is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered virus. Most people infected with Corona Covid -19 virus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring special treatment. Older people and those with underlying medical problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease and cancer are more likely to develop serious illness.

Returning to Normalcy

Corona virus has crippled the world.  Flights abroad have been cancelled. Each nation of the world is living in quarantine closed in their own country. Corona is very contagious and people are forced to wear masks and gloves with other sanitary measures. Through teamwork the world is slowly conquering the baffling virus. Covid-19 was not known in the beginning but scientists have indentified it. Identification of the virus was the first step toward conquering it. Covid-19 damages the hemoglobin impairing the red blood cells to transport oxygen throughout the body, comprising the lungs and resulting in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), an Italian pharmacist explained. Understanding the mechanism leads to producing and using effective drugs to treat the virus.

Corona is Like a World War But Everyone is On One Side

Bill Gates described Corona Pandemic “like a world war but everyone is on one side.”  The whole world is together at war with Corona virus. Even the most Orthodox religious Jew, Muslim and Christian have accepted quarantine.  Religion teaches to accept the sufferings of life as divine providence even to accept suffering as rebuke from God for the sins of man. Even though almost all the religious leaders, told their followers to accept the demands of the secular Ministry of Health. Mayor De Blasio explained “Government is essential for life.” Religion is also essential for life.

The Trump Team – Good News On the Way

Fake news is making it more difficult for President Trump to end the Corona crisis. President Trump has made the right decisions confronting the Corona Pandemic but he is only human and the enemy is very powerful and contagious. America before the Corona crisis was divided and not interested in unity. Fake News played on the American apathy and weakened American resistance to a powerful contagious virus. Corona will make America more aware of the importance of National Unity.

Corona Throws a Knockout Punch – God is the Boss

Corona the great equalizer has knocked out modern civilization.  The Corona has succeeded to disable the world comparable to the knockout in the heavyweight boxing championship between Cassius Clay Muhammed Ali and Sonny Liston 1964. Everyone considered Sonny Liston undefeatable.

In the same way the world felt undefeatable. The world boasted proudly about how far it has progressed in technology, communications, air travel, space travel, connecting the world through satellites and GPS. Medical Science had progressed to benefit mankind but there are still places for improvement especially in treatment of viral disease.

Fake News, Evil Talk the Cause of Corona

Corona has already caused 210,000 deaths and 3,000,000 people have become infected.  Corona virus originated in Wuhan China. Some say that it could have originated in the Virology Laboratory in Wuhan. It is well known that viruses the type of Corona have originated in bats. China refuses to take blame for the spread of the virus and insist that it originated in the market place in Wuhan.

Love of God and Corona

It is difficult to love the God who has already killed 205,930 people and infected with suffering 2,971,533 people with Covid-19. A vaccination has not yet been made and the future is dark. In 1918 the world suffered the Spanish Flu in which killed possibly as much as 100 million people which was the deadliest pandemic in human history. World War II and the holocaust left its total 6,000,000 Jews and forty million human beings.  In the light of these tragedies it is difficult to love God.

Clergy Work Together with Psychologists in the War Against Corona Trauma

Corona attacks the body and creates a tremendous emotional trauma.  The Clergy and psychologists are working together to heal the emotional stress of Corona.Madonna the American entertainer on her website called Corona the great equalizer. Corona even though it has separated all the nations of the world from each other through cancelling air traffic, the nations of the world have been united in the battle to return to normalcy. 

Corona the Great Equalizer

Madonna on her website called Corona the great equalizer.  Corona has created a universal problem which affects all nations and ethnic groups equally.  It is the great equalizer because it reveals the imperfection of man, his weakness. Corona is a weapon to destroy his arrogance. Medical science have identified the virus to give it the name Corona, a virus with deadly crowns. These deadly crowns are filled with proteins which penetrate and infect the body. With a spiritual eye it can be called the Crown of disunity of the angel of death. The virus targets the respiratory system and disables the respiratory system which separate the body from the breath of life given to man from God. God blew into the nostrils of Adam the breath of life. It is the great equalizer because every man lives from the breath of life that he receives when leaving the womb of his mother.  The child begins to cry until his breath is stabilized.

Universal Prayer and Song

Prayer is universal. Song is prayer. Through Gospel Song America can become great again. Sing with Madonna for the salvation of America. President Trump is a good man, a good leader. Let America lead the world again to fulfill the words of Zefania,3:9, For then I will change over the peoples to a purer language, so that they shall all call upon the name of God to serve him and unite the world with God,” the universal prayer, the universal song.

The Power of Song and Joy to End Corona Pandemic

The Lord from Zion calls on Madonna the entertainer to compose a new song for the healing of Corona virus connecting to the song which Moses and the children of Israel sang at the splitting of the Red Sea. She should lead America and Europe back to Gospel music. Eurovision in Israel where Madonna performed last year has been cancelled this year because of Corona virus. The world needs a miracle.

We Fight Coronavirus Through Cosmic Music

Music is the language of mankind. Bijan Norouz is an Iranian Composer, Musician, Entrepreneur and founder of Bijan Norouz Worldwide Music Co. that main activities include promoting scientific and conceptual music to expand astronomy and music engineering, Researching and Developing (R&D) music in space technologies, and creating music networking in future is for Space Cities, Space Habitat and for more people to know about cosmic music.

The Universal Faith a Refuge for Everyman

In times like today when the world is struck by the Pandemic Corona each person is instructed to stay home.  Many people are unemployed.  Each day the numbers of infections rises and deaths increase. It is a hard time emotionally and there is always the fear of infection. Perhaps your whole life you never felt the need to connect to God; to take refuge in God. You may never attended church, or synagogue.  Your connection to religion was lost when there was no danger or daily suffering. For those that need today the help of God both emotionally and to pray to God for an answer to today’s dilemma, God has provided for everyone from all faiths and from all backgrounds the Universal Faith.

Finding the Garden of Eden in a Corona Plagued World

Mysticism relates that the Garden of Eden where Adam the first man was placed by God is still intact.  This means that it is still intact even after the corona pandemic has struck the world. Today there have been 1,576,496 cases of infection, 93,575 deaths, 348,188 recoveries in the world. In Israel 10,001 infected cases, 87 deaths, and 10,011 recoveries. In NY 151,079 infections more than 81,000 in NYC, 7,067 deaths. Corona is fuel for atheists and anti-Semites.  Atheism and anti-Semitism always travel together but the same hate for God applies also to opposition to other religions. This year was marked with attacks on the church for sex-abuse.

The End and the Beginning – Reincarnation – Corona

We are living through a crisis in the history of the world the Corona Pandemic. Everyday day there is a new list of deaths.  Each country has its own number. There is a total count for the world. Death is the end of life. The Rabbi of Sasregen Rabbi Mordecai Dovid Rubin loved by all his congregants in his Synagogue on E.24th St and Avenue M in the Midwood section of Flatbush Brooklyn recently passed away at the age of 92. Each person his life is important and the valiant workers for the Ministry of Health in hospitals and in clinics consider each life a challenge to save from death. Work is being done in research to make a vaccine. A company in America has now begun to test its vaccine on humans with the permission of the FDA.

Passover Night, Corona and the Universal faith

This week the Jewish people throughout the world celebrate the holiday of Passover. The holiday of Passover begins with the Passover night meal which is in memory of the last plague which passed over the houses in Egypt called the plague of the smiting of the first born. This was the tenth plague and initiated Exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt.  In all of the ten plagues Pharaoh the king of Egypt considered releasing the Jewish people from bondage in Egypt but later changed his mind. Now on this night he finally gave the Jews his permission. The Jewish people were slaves in Egypt 210 years.

Pandemic and World Salvation

The Corona Pandemic has struck each human being in the small world called the earth.  The earth was once not completely explored; in 1776 Christopher Columbus discovered America.  Today there is not one inch on the earth that does not have a price attached to it associated to being considered the possession of one of the nations in the world. Outer space is still unexplored and unsettled but not a practical answer yet.

Living with Plagues is an Old tradition in the Modern World

Plagues are nothing new to the world. Coping with plagues has never been easy. Corona virus is no different. Unless there is a miracle and medical science reaches the solution we are in for a long period of deterioration both physically and mentally.

ISIS was the enemy of modern civilization and according to their philosophy the world is deserving of Corona virus destruction pointing at the desecration of the principles of the Koran by modern society. ISIS continues to fight even after they were defeated in Syria.  ISIS has friends amongst the beasts of the field and microorganisms in nature who are defending their cause. The cause of ISIS is to remove all evil from the world including the evil of freedom.