Biodegradable Cups Market Seeing Increased Opportunities

Biodegradable packaging has gathered groundswell of interest among food companies and consumers alike. The popularity of biodegradable cups—whether made from plastics or paper—has risen among foodservice industries as environmentally friendly solutions. The compostability and biodegradability of such solutions continue to attract packaging manufacturers and recycling companies.

Paper Cups Market Poised to Expand at a Robust Pace

Anticipated to reach a valuation of approximately $8.4 billion in 2019 and representing a moderate year-on-year growth rate, the global landscape for paper cups is expected to flourish, considering the ‘environment-friendly’ status because of its decomposable and biodegradable nature. Moreover, government regulations favoring environmental benefits will fuel the widespread adoption of paper cups, predicts Future Market Insights in its recent study on the global paper cups market.

Growlers Market Driven by Increasing Popularity

Packaging solutions are necessary in that they protect and preserve a product from any type of harm such as leakage, contamination, damage, etc. during the course of transit, consumption, and storage. Over the last few years, packaging solutions have grown in terms of appearance, features, colors and convenience. A growler is a type of vessel or container that is used to transport beer while also protecting it from degradation. These growlers are also described as simply air-tight jugs.