Gunman Kills Six, Commits Suicide, in Czech Republic

A man stormed a hospital and opened fire in a hospital in Ostrava, Czech Republic, and killed six people before fleeing and committing suicide on Tuesday. This is the worst attack in the country since 2015, when another gunman shot eight people, and was later killed in a restaurant in the southeastern city of Uhersky Brod. It is not yet known what provoked and angered the man to the extent of carrying out such an inhuman attack.

Huawei Accused of Sanction-Busting in North Korea, Spying in Czech Republic in Explosive Reports

Monday was another bad day for Chinese tech giant Huawei.  The Washington Post dropped a major bombshell on the company regarding alleged (highly-illegal) dealings in North Korea, and Czech Radio added another involving activities in their own country.  The news adds fresh and serious doubts about the company’s potential western footprint, and bolster’s Washington’s case that the giant is a threat to American national security and users’ privacy.  President Trump met tech CEOs in the White House Monday, partially to discuss what to do about it.