Biden Discriminates Against Mask-Exempt

As 2020 comes to a close, President Trump and his camp have called for vote recounts to determine who is the legal presidential winner, in light of many vote-counting discrepancies. Conversely, Joe Biden and his camp are preparing for his transition to the presidency.  Immediately following that transition, concerning wearing masks to curb the COVID pandemic, CNN reports Biden says he will call for “One hundred days, and I think we’ll see a significant reduction.”

Newsflash – Biden is Not President-Elect

Much of the media has long projected Joe Biden as winner of presidential election 2020, and has persuaded a large amount of the population to refer to him as president-elect.  All of this is occurring while members of the Trump camp are filing lawsuits alleging voter fraud in several states. Many of the proported vote-counting discrepancies revealed by Trumpsters, postpersons, laypersons, and key persons in the media have caused some voters to take pause about vote result validity and question if Biden is the legal election winner.

Trump Right to Challenge Suspicious Ballot Counting

It’s pure pandemonium.  The 2020 voting year is perhaps the, or at least one of the most notable in history.  On top of having a pandemic, voting during a pandemic comes with its own set of challenges. Though more persons reportedly voted in election 2020 than any other or most any other election historically-including more women and American of Color voters-the manner in which votes were cast was altered by COVID-19.