The Independence of Guatemala – Where Modernity Seems Absent

The Republic of Guatemala is situated in Central America, and is home to many Mayan sites, volcanoes, and rainforests. It’s a place of mystery and intrigue, and is also relatively underdeveloped. The country relies heavily on foreign assistance and on private charities in order to prevent poverty at a large scale. There are numerous organizations that are working in Guatemala to improve the life of the locals, such as Developing Our World.

Potential Risks and Best Practices Involving a Nonprofit or a Church

Commonly, leading charitable or helpful work requires expanding your know-how on the matter and reach. Especially working outside of the United States, one must know an organization’s reach. While doing charity is exciting and energizing, it can involve complication and risk for different nonprofit organizations and churches who are involved. Of the numerous other, donating money aboard and fundraising are one of the primary areas which involve risks. This is especially critical for an association to consider on the grounds that it can associate, and possibly jeopardize the association’s assessment exception.

The Differently-abled Ones Are In Our Society

On December 3, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities is celebrated. The reason to indicate this day in the calendar is to raise awareness among the population about the specific needs of people with disabilities and to guarantee among all the active participation in society of these people who represent 15% of the world population. Because fighting for the rights and integration of people with disabilities is everyone’s business.

Mission Trips to Help the Victims of Natural Disasters

Natural disasters and tragedies can hit us at any time. After the earthquake hit the country of Nicaragua in 2016, a 13-year-old was seriously injured when the earthquake buried her and her family under her house. Only she was still alive when help finally arrived. Nobody knows what she was thinking in those days of waiting when she lost everything. When she was found by the rescuers, she remained silent. She could only speak one word: “Rebecca.” Her name, her identity – and the only thing that the girl has from her life before the disaster.

The Secret to Every Victory is Hidden in BJJ

Nobody is exempt from problems. Falling is part of the path of life, but success lies in knowing how to get up. For that, many times we need someone to reach out to us when we really have reached the bottom. Through Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, people, who have immersed in social conflicts of various kinds, can find a way to defend themselves from the problems and make their lives better.

Disaster in Brumadinho, Brazil

Aid in the holy doctrine that wrath of Mother Nature is inevitable and comes to those who forget the basic principles of faith. Nonetheless, whatever happened in Brumadinho, Brazil cannot be overlooked or simply ignored. Consequently close to hundred have been reported dead and about three hundred missing in this silhouette of catastrophe – wiping out the whole village of Brumadinho. This is so far the causalities that have been quantified on an estimated basis, and more is yet to come. Nevertheless, whether it was due to the poor quality of raw material (to save cost) used in the construction of this dam or it was a genuine tragedy, the scope of recovering from the destitute cannot be objectified. Many organizations, such as “Developing Our World” and their associated partners have managed to gather a formidable task force of volunteers and at the same time collate enough aids for those affected by this unforeseen tragedy.