Website Management for Beginners

Today, the majority of business owners encounter problems on the issue of managing their websites. And this is understandable because many of you perhaps ventured into a business to sell products/services, not managing a website. However, since nowadays eCommerce websites are necessary to tap into your internet-savvy target audience, you’ve to learn website management tricks. According to The Blueprint, website marketing is crucial for the success of any business in the 21st century, including your business.

Headless Commerce – The Future of Online Selling is Now

Smart voice assistants are gathering reviews. Amazon dash buttons are making the process of ordering products fast. IoT has clutched lives of consumers. With consumers eating content continuously, traditional eCommerce platforms strive to serve consumers with comfort.

So, how can merchants avoid hair-pulling frustration without designing an IoT device? How can merchants reap the rewards without having to build a back-end solution? The answer lies in headless commerce.

How to Reduce Shipping Costs in Effective Ways for Your Ecommerce Store

Shipping cost is an unavoidable and essential expense for businesses. Your shipping cost directly affects your business profitability. Due to the increased demand in e-commerce industries, carriers need to adjust their rates. Usually, carrier revises their rates annually.

Research shows that almost 88% of people choose sites with free shipping. Big e-commerce companies like Amazon offer free shipping worldwide, making it harder for small businesses to compete as they cannot afford free shipping. Thus, learning how to reduce shipping costs is essential for your business.

Best Strategic Tips to Reduce Cart Abandonment for E-commerce

The objective of an E-commerce store is to sell products. However, many customers abandon the cart while reaching the bottom line.

The average abandon cart rate is 69.57% for all industries. There are a number of strategies you can apply to reduce cart abandonment for your E-commerce store. Besides that, Magento store owners can remind their customers about shopping cart abandonments by notifying them via Email, WhatsApp, or SMS using an Abandoned Cart Suite for Magento 2.

How to Use IGTV to Boost Your eCommerce Business?

What is IGTV?

IG  TV can be used as a stand-alone application or on IG  itself. Regular Instagram recordings don’t allow for more than 1 minute of video, but IGTV breaks that barrier.

Each user can define their own IGTV channel and share content upto 10 minutes in video format. Verified Instagram users or uploads from the desktop, posted videos can up to 1 hour of duration.

Amazon Fail 2.0

The Coronavirus pandemic is one of the main factors driving the customers to shop online. The convenience, lockdowns, and safety measures make online platforms a necessity for items including pet products. Last month I placed an order for the Okokat cat litter. However, when I opened the box, a saw dust cloud covered the whole area and it made me cough.

7 Top eCommerce Trends in 2021 to Look Out For

2020 has already taken its place in the annals of the worst disasters in recent years. One of the worst pandemics in human history that literally numbed the global population and their regular activities quite naturally have hit the economy under the belly. One of the few sectors in these trying times that actually achieved overwhelming growth and outreach is e-commerce.

Social Selling – The Future of E-Commerce Brands

The competition in the e-commerce industry is getting shriller and more acute than ever before just because the vast majority of small businesses and startups across the niches are opting for online presence and online sales. No longer, having a business website is enough for business brands, they are now after utilizing the web for making sales. Social media platforms are increasingly becoming reliable channels for business conversion. This is what we call social selling.

Lithium-Metal Batteries Enable Delivery Drones Market To Reach New Heights

Rising demand for Delivery drones across the world is driving growth of the worldwide Delivery Drones Market. Technological advancements play a considerable role within the adoption of lithium-metal battery for delivery drones. As an example, in January 2018, SolidEnergy Systems raised $50.0 million in investments to fund development of their battery technology from 2012.

7 Top E-Commerce Tools That Help Convert Visitors into Buyers

If your struggling website gets great traffic, but the number of people who convert to customers remains small, you can take help from various E-Commerce tools. Now is the time to close all your side tabs, and focus on converting your website visitors into buyers. You need to give it a lot of attention as conversion needs setting up a strategy, as well as putting it to a test.

Critical Questions When Assessing Your E-commerce Platform

A purpose-built, cloud-based commerce platform is essential to maintaining a competitive eCommerce presence. Once you’ve reached the limitations of your current solution, it’s time to graduate to an updated system capable of growing with your business. Choosing a new eCommerce platform is a significant investment in your future requiring careful allocation of time and resources.

Does Your Business Need an eCommerce Mobile App?

According to studies, the total population of the world is around 7.676 billion and the number of mobile users is more than 5 billion. The storm of smartphone has taken the eCommerce world completely. There is no such region left where mobile apps haven’t made their impact. From online shopping to using social media apps for hours the users are spending more time on mobile apps. That’s why majority of enterprises started investing their money in mobile app development.

Elevating Demand from E-Commerce Industry to Significantly Drive FMCG Packaging Market

Growing demand from e-commerce industry has been regarded as a vital factor that is expected to support growth prospects of FMCG packaging market in the forthcoming years. E-commerce sector is one of the major contributors in increasing revenue growth of FMCG packaging market. This sector’s growth is attributed towards rising demand for protective packaging for delivering small-sized products coupled with the convenient packaging options.