Newsflash – Biden is Not President-Elect

Much of the media has long projected Joe Biden as winner of presidential election 2020, and has persuaded a large amount of the population to refer to him as president-elect.  All of this is occurring while members of the Trump camp are filing lawsuits alleging voter fraud in several states. Many of the proported vote-counting discrepancies revealed by Trumpsters, postpersons, laypersons, and key persons in the media have caused some voters to take pause about vote result validity and question if Biden is the legal election winner.

De Bouse to Biden – What About the Mask-Exempt?

The 2020 presidential election will go down as perhaps the most memorable in history. On one side you have media outlets projecting Joe Biden as president-elect, while you have the Trump camp touting voter fraud and exercising legal rights to incite recounts or recertifications in certain states. Biden has stated his administration would would “mandate masks on all federal property,” and such could extend to a nationwide mandate.