9 Success Tips for Achieving High Emotional Intelligence as a Project Manager

Project management is considered one of the most stressful job categories in the world. At the same time, planning and executing projects is essential for organization growth. Success in project management depends on how well a project manager can juggle multiple tasks at a time. But it not only requires acute technical skills and a knack for controlling several moving parts. It also leans on your ability to manage people effectively.

Top 10 Management Skills to Succeed in Today’s Workplace

Managing a team effectively in any organization requires more than just hard work, intelligence, or qualifications. In fact, a successful manager is one who has a wide-ranging set of skills. MindTools founder, James Manktelow, says a successful manager, ideally, should have between 90 and 120 skills individually.

That might sound like a lot but there is no reason to feel intimidated if you are aspiring to be a successful manager. To begin with, most skills you will only use occasionally, and a few you will need to fall back on most or all of the time. These few will also have the largest impact on employees and the growth of your organization. In other words, these are the main skills you need for success in today’s work environment. Here are the top 10.

7 Emotional Intelligence Tips for Managers

It doesn’t matter if you manage the performance of thousands of employees or manage a team of one – if you are a manager, you need to have a high level of emotional intelligence.

As a manager, your emotional intelligence will bring out the best in your team. Research has shown that high EQ is correlated with increased innovation, creativity, engagement, and overall performance. By working on your own emotional intelligence, you and your team will reap the rewards.