Beware the Oncoming Long Term Care Tsunami

America’s healthcare system is going through huge changes in preparation for the growing medical demands of the Baby Boomer generation. Over the next three decades, the United States will see unprecedented growth in its senior population as the Baby Boomer generation (born between 1946-1964) ages. Increases in healthcare demands will be seen throughout the healthcare industry, with the greatest impacts anticipated in hospitals, skilled nursing, assisted living, and residential care facilities.

Things You Need to Know About Retiring in 10 Years

Retirement planning can be pretty challenging if you have not prepared ahead of time. It is important to assess your savings for retirement throughout but it becomes more critical during the retirement red zone. Ten years before or after retirement are regarded as a red zone by financial professionals. How your retirement portfolio behaves during this time determines your standard of living after you retire.

Gaining Tax Benefits Using Fixed Index Annuities

If you want to save your hard earned money, you’ll have to learn how to jump through legal hoops in the tax code. The latest of these is the SECURE Act signed by President Trump. Among the most efficient ways to make the greatest use of your money is fixed index annuities. The SECURE Act, for the first time, lets you roll up your 401(k) and other savings accounts into a tax-free annuity.

How to Build Wealth on a Solid Foundation

As a foundation is important to the creation of a building so also it is to the building of wealth anywhere in the world. Those who are into business don’t handle foundation with levity. An engineer friend of mine once told me when I was executing a project that I must be prepared to spend some funds on the foundation if I don’t want the building to give me unavoidable headache of cracking later. It was from him that I understand that statement: “the deeper the foundation, the higher the building is likely to be.”

To determine whether a building will last just study and evaluate how much effort is expended on constructing the foundation. However, if the foundation is faculty, what will the righteous do? When a lame man carries a load and it appears bent on top, they say, don’t blame him by mere looking at the top but check below. The fault is down not at the top. Most people look at a deformed individual without watching the foundation.