U.S. Cheese Market Demand Increasing Exponentially

Globally the cheese market is mainly driven by increasing consumption of dairy products included in daily diet of consumers. Increasing adaptation of European lifestyle and their food culture in U.S. is influencing the market growth. Applications of different types of cheese with various flavors in various sectors of food industries are supporting the product’s sale. Cheese is extensively used in convenience foods, ready-to-eat meals, fast-foods and even in confectionery products. The high demand of the product across these industries is seen as a potential opportunity for its market.

Edible Oils and Fats Market Growing Strong

Edible Oils and Fats Market is projected to reach 298,522 kilo tons by 2023 with CAGR of 4.56% in terms of volume. In 2017, APAC holds major market share followed by Europe in edible oils and fats market as APAC has large resources of crops and livestock in the world. Europe will witness higher market growth in edible oils and fats market during forecast period. Increasing demand of animal fats across the globe and improving harvesting techniques are driving the edible oils and fats market in Europe.

Baked Foods Market Driven by Demand

Baking is a method cooking baked products that usually prepared by dry heat, especially in an oven. The most common types of baked foods are cakes & pastries, bread & rolls, donuts, biscuits, and others. These are available in a wide variety of flavors, and the customer preferences may vary according to regional demands. Baked foods include fiber, antioxidants, omega-3 oils, vitamin, and mineral fortifications.

Cold Pressed Juice Market Portrays High-End Demand

The market is segmented by category into organic and conventional cold pressed juice. The market is further segmented by type into fruits, vegetables and blends. On the basis of distribution channel, the market is segmented into store based and non-store based. The global cold pressed juice market is anticipated to record a CAGR of around 8.16% during the forecast period i.e. 2019-2027.

Fish Protein Concentrate Market Demand Growing

Future Market Insights (FMI), in its new research study, underlines the key elements shaping growth of fish protein concentrate market for the assessment period of 2019-2029. According to the research study, sales of fish protein concentrate touched ~ 57,466 MT in 2018, and are likely to grow by 5.5% YOY in 2019. As fish protein concentrate goes up the popularity scale as a viable ingredient for value-addition, market players are looking for ways to enable a production ramp-up in a bid to bridge the supply-demand gap.

Vibration Analyzer Market Driven by Increased Adoption

Vibration analyzer is a handheld measurement device for the individual assessment of vibration on the machines and systems. Vibration analyzer is also used for measuring speed, distance, and acceleration of the machines in various industries such as automotive, mining, electronics, aerospace and defense, energy and power. With the help of vibration analyzer, the actual state of the machines and system can be determined accurately.

Strong Growth in Coconut Milk Market

Coconut milk is a liquid obtained by manual or mechanical extraction of coconut meat, with or without water. The composition of coconut milk depends on water used during extraction. Water also affects the fat content and moisture of coconut milk. Coconut milk is slightly acidic in nature with a pH of 6. Coconut milk contains two types of protein, albumins and globulins in the range of 6 to 8%. Spray drying method is used by manufacturers to dry coconut milk into powdered form as it increases its shelf life and also becomes easy for transportation. On an average, one coconut yields 60 to 100 grams of coconut powder depending on its size.

Innovation Driving Food Bars Market

Food Bars are considered as a healthy alternative to other snacking product since they contain high protein and fiber content. They include number of products such as candy bars, protein bars, energy bars, oats bars, and others. Among the different food bars, the energy bars are loaded with carbs and sugar and are mainly used for quick boost during long distance training sessions of an athlete. Whereas, protein bars are high in protein content and are best used as meal a replacement. Innovations in the food bars are bringing claims of reduced allergies and gluten-free products, which is driving the growth of food bars market.

Packaging Adhesives Market Witnessing Strong Growth

The global packaging adhesives market, along with its applications, has witnessed a good growth for the past few years and this growth is estimated to increase in the coming years. The properties such as tackiness, handling strength, curing conditions, peel stress, withstanding temperature range, and performance under various conditions will be the key influencing factors for the global packaging adhesives with an increased emphasis on its different applications.

Organic Apple Sauce Market Sees Hike in Growth

Organic apple sauce is a popular condiment made from organic apples. Besides its delicious taste, it promotes good digestion. Apple sauce is abundant with nutrients, antioxidants, and dietary fibers. The skin and pulp of apples contains flavonoids, which offers numerous health benefits such as regulation of blood pressure, reduction in inflammation, excessive fat production, and cholesterol levels, and lower risk of heart disease. According to the statistics published by The World Counts, by May 2018, global sales of organic food products reached over $55 billion with largest share from the U.S., Germany, and France.

Health and Diet Concerns Drive Whey Protein Isolates Market

Whey protein isolate is produced by separating whey component from milk and it contains over 85% protein. Whey protein isolate contains essential amino acids, low lactose levels, and does not contain fats and carbohydrates. It is easily digestible and provides health benefits such as promoting muscle growth, lowering blood pressure, aiding in weight reduction, and reduction of symptoms of depression and stress. Whey protein isolates are used in various applications such as nutritional supplements, cereals, pharmaceutical tablets, infant formula, ice cream, juices, bakery, and snack products.