RangeMe – A Great Way to Connect? Or Buyer Beware?

RangeMe is a service that specializes in helping connect wholesalers to buyers. They offer their services with two different perspectives: sServices for the buyers, and services for the wholesalers.

Buyers are of course offered accounts for free. It’s a great way to browse products and find connections to new providers you may not have had dealings with before, all at your fingertips. The wholesaler side of the business is a bit darker though.

Is the City of Salem Committing a Fraud On Its Residents?

The City of Salem, in Oregon, is charging for service to its property owners that they know they do not provide, and some of those charges are monstrous. The City of Salem is legally responsible for raising taxes for “general services” that they provide. City fees, on the other hand, must be charged for specific services and only those services. These are more like user fees.

BREAKING: Government-run Red Cross is Losing Trust in China

This Thursday, the World Health Organization finally declared the new Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak a global health emergency, which has infected 9,922 people and caused 213 deaths in 21 countries. Nearly 60% of patients are located in the center of the outbreak, Hubei province in China.

The Chinese government has prolonged several times the holidays to make people stay at home as long as possible. Face masks are recommended as a simple prevention when in public. However, the months-long duration of this outbreak has resulted in an enormous shortage of medical materials across China for the citizens and hospitals. Lots of hospitals in Wuhan keep demanding more protective suits and face masks. Trying to help, many organizations started to collect donations and send them to the hospitals. The Red Cross in Wuhan, obviously, has been the choice of many.

Is Amazon Hosting the World’s Largest Consumer Fraud? Did You Know Fake Reviews Come With Guarantees?

The amount of fake review consumer fraud on Amazon is massive and shocking. The truth is, no single company benefits more from this massive fraud than Amazon.com. The Jeff Bezos company doesn’t use their monopoly powers in the traditional way to create higher prices. Instead, they knowingly choose more unscrupulous ways to advance their dominate market position, but always using their size and reach to ensure other companies in the marketplace are forced to react to their leadership.

The Old-time ‘Snake Oil Salesman’ is Making a Comeback – Is the Internet to Blame?

We’ve all seen the Old West movies and TV shows in which a well dressed gentleman rides into town plying his wares and touting a “Miracle Cure” elixir guaranteed to relieve all health maladies. Invariably, the tincture is nothing more than cheap, watered-down whiskey mixed with something sugary to make the “medicine” go down easier. In the long run, the only benefit is a rip-roaring drunken night, followed by a massive hangover.

Jon Corzine: After Overseeing One of America’s Worst Financial Failures, He’s in Charge of People’s Money Again!

After gaining one of the highest levels of public trust, and producing one of America’s worst ethical and financial failures, Jon Corzine is back working with client’s money again.

When I was growing up, I believed America was fair and honest and if you worked hard you could move ahead– and those who get caught cheating will pay a price. Well, now it appears you can get caught cheating, be in charge while over $800 million dollars of client’s money is lost forever, but if you’re well connected you’ll be back in business with a new hedge fund in a just few years. What a country!

Wewgo Ball Bearings 608-2RS: Over 70% Fake Reviews on Amazon – by a Fake Company

We went through the reviews of Wewgo Ball Bearing 608-2RS and they had an incredible rating of 4.4 stars by Amazon. For this very high rating they were awarded an Amazon Choice Badge.

Having 4.4 stars made everything about this product look great, but there’s one major issue: The reviews were bought. Worst yet, over 70% of the total reviews for the Wewgo Ball Bearing 608-2RS were fake. Wewgo is another cheater!  It appears everything about Wewgo was set up from day one to be a consumer scam, more on that later.  Wewgo never deserved the Amazon Choice Badge.  We’ve asked Amazon publicly to remove fake advertisers /reviews from their platform but after many complaints about Ebanel (so far the most successful at being a serial perpetrator of consumer fraud), they haven’t even removed the Amazon verified fake reviews or Amazon’s Choice Badge!

Ebanel Laboratories Review Fraud on Amazon Sinks to a New Low – Part 2

 A continued investigation into Ebanel Laboratories fraudulent reviews on the Amazon Marketplace.

Year by year the Amazon Marketplace grows and flourishes, creating bigger opportunities and increased competition. How is a new company to compete in oversaturated markets against heavy competition, especially competition that produces better products? Well our friends at Ebanel Laboratories sure have it figured out!

13 Largest White Collar Crooks, Fraudsters, and More…

Enclosed  is a list of what Communal News considers the recent largest white collar ripoffs starting from around the year 2000.

1. Bernard Madoff – Bernard L. Madoff Investments – NASDAQ’s chairman in 1990, 1991 and 1993. – US Largest fraud over $50 billion dollar Ponzi scheme.
2. Kenneth Lay – Enron – Co-chairman of Bush’s 1992 re-election committee. – Went from running America’s most admired company to guilty of fraud.
3. Allen Stanford –  Stanford Financial Group – Knighted with the title “Sir Allen.” – 2nd-largest Ponzi scheme in U.S. history.
4. Bernard Ebbers
– WorldCom – “Telecom Cowboy” – Nation’s largest accounting fraud.
5. Jon Corzine
– MF Global – Elected Senator & Governor of New Jersey;  Member of the Senate Banking Committee. – Bankrupting MF Global two years after losing his New Jersey Governorship.