Black Lives Matter: Deshon Johnson Protest to Charge Coach USA/NJ Transit Bus Driver For Murder

We are hosting a peaceful rally and protest for the life of Hip-hop artist Deshon Johnson.

Our goal is for the Attorney General Gurbir Grewal to reopen and investigate Deshon Johnson’s death case, corruption by the Essex County Prosecutor and the Coach USA/NJ Transit bus company attorney. We demand that Community Coach USA release all of the non-redacted bus driver Wilson Romaine’s medical records with his vision, hearing, and a clean bill of health. We also want the bus company to release all of the non-redacted work histories of Romain and the video from the bus.

Racism and Police – The Rest of the Story

Anyone really believe that Minnesota Officer Derek Chauvin strangled George Floyd to death because he happened to be a black man? If so, I’ve got some palm trees to sell in Fairbanks.

Old timers remember Paul Harvey as a famous talk-show host (and author) from 20th century best known for his alluring come-on, “Now, here’s the rest of the story.” As suspected, there surely is more to the story of George Floyd’s untimely and torturous death on May 25th at the hands of Officer Derek Chauvin, that we yet know about.

“I Can’t Breathe”

I walk into the street. Bright yellow lines direct the cars and my feet.

I go left into the moving crowd. My neighborhood is full of people brown, black and proud.

The sounds of soul music is an urban flavor. It gives rhythm to our walk and its taste that we savor.

Pick-up basketball keeps kids dribbling orange balls in the park. I keep on the go cause these streets will get dark.

Defending the Right to Be Rich – George Floyd- Corona

Corona virus teaches to be satisfied with your portion in life. Corona the enemy of all of mankind American, Russian, Brazilian, White, and Black, Jewish, Christian has been also called the great equalizer. The Bible teaches poverty is compared to death. No one wants to be poor. Becoming rich is an incentive for Americans. In a Communist society there is no incentive to become rich. In a society where there is no incentive to become rich, joy is lacking.

The Reason You May Have Lost a Few Friends Last Week

Let’s say for a moment that you were suddenly faced with a global pandemic catching you completely off guard, and then you looked up and saw natural disasters left and right. Tornadoes in Louisiana, earthquakes in southern California, lighting showers in Toronto, and then you saw the video of George Floyd being murdered. Suddenly your priorities shifted, your heart broke, and you perhaps felt completely overcome with anger.

George Floyd — Religious Leaders Condemn Trump

The Catholic Archdiocese of Washington, DC in the United States has strongly criticized the actions of President Donald Trump, accusing hm of using religion as a shield to crack down on continuing civil unrest in the country. After taking a picture holding a Bible in front St. John’s Episcopal Church the day before, Trump visited the Saint John Paul II National Shrine on Tuesday.