Coronavirus: Italy, Other Countries, Begin Reopening

Italy’s Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, announced that he would relax the regulations imposed in the country seven weeks ago against the new coronavirus. The country reported 260 deaths on Sunday, the lowest number of deaths per day since mid-March. Mr. Conte said he would loosen regulations from May 4 and allow a small number of people wearing masks to visit relatives.

Italian Senate Authorizes Salvini Trial for Kidnapping Migrants

The Italian Senate voted on Wednesday to authorize the opening of a lawsuit against Matteo Salvini, leader of the extreme right-wing Liga party and former Interior Minister, for blocking more than 100 migrants in the Mediterranean. Salvini is accused of “abuse of power and kidnapping of people,” a crime punishable by up to fifteen years in prison, and which would bar him from holding public office.

Venice Put on Alert as New Floods Loom

Venice is preparing on Saturday for a further increase of floods that have ravaged the city in recent days, and led the authorities to declare a state of emergency throughout the region. Civil protection officials have issued a red alert for the Venice region, drawing attention to the occurrence of “violent gusts” in the city. Meteorological services predict thunderstorms this weekend, which, combined with high tide, could dangerously raise the water level.