Equality Advocate Greshun De Bouse Commends Eastpointe, MI Officers for National CAPHPACH Day

June 7 is National CAPHPACH DAY or #CAPHPACHDAY (pronounced cap°pack) and we’re celebrating in a huge way!  #CAPHPACHDAY is a day of solidarity ‘promoting mutual respect between police and citizens,’ and raising awareness of the imperativeness to eradicate both police-citizen harassment and citizen-police harassment where it exists.  CAPHPACH is an acronym for Citizens Against Police Harassment, Police Against Citizen Harassment, and the date of #CAPHPACHDAY-6.7-means positive progress and advancement-precisely what National CAPHPACHDAY embodies.

June 7 is National CAPHPACH Day

VTHSGRL Like everyone, we all do know that police officers have a job to do. Still, we have all heard-especially in recent times-citizens claiming police harassment. Likewise, police have claimed citizen harassment that impedes their ability to serve and protect. Well, now there’s a hopeful remedy for this!  Celebrating annually June 7, National CAPHPACH Day or #CAPHPACH Day (pronounced cap°pack) is a day of solidarity “promoting mutual respect between police and citizens” and raising awareness of the need for eradication of both police harassment of citizens and citizen harassment of police where it exists.

#KNEEOFFMYNECK Founder Corrects Presumed BLM Affiliation

Well unless you’ve been living under a rock, you are familiar with BLM, the acronym for Black Lives Matter. The hashtag-initiated movement was founded by three women-Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi-in response to the 2013 acquittal of George Zimmerman who murdered then 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Florida. According to Wikipedia, BLM is formally defined as “a decentralized political and social movement protesting against incidents of police brutality and all racially motivated violence against black people.”

National Making The First Move Day® 2021: COVIBULLY Then and Now

As seen in Chase’s Calendar, Days of the Year Calendar, Big Easy Magazine, What National Day Is It, numerous other publications, and as recognized by multiple mayors and celebrities, National Making The First Move Day® or #mtfmoveday is a national advocacy holiday celebrated annually April 7 as an all-inclusive day for kids, families, and persons of all ages, demographics, and backgrounds to reclaim their personal power and START MAKING THE FIRST MOVE TOWARDS BULLYING PREVENTION AND RECOVERY IN ALL FORMS™.

Happy National Urban Educator Day 2021

Well, it’s here!  The much anticipated National Urban Educator Day has finally arrived, and we’re celebrating!  Annually March 9, National Urban Educator Day #urbaneducatorday celebrates urban educators who are committed to the success of students in high-need schools! With the COVID-19 pandemic and so much uncertainty in our world today, now more than ever we salute our dedicated urban educators who stand firmly on the educational frontlines with determination to serve students amid a global pandemic.

Biden Discriminates Against Mask-Exempt

As 2020 comes to a close, President Trump and his camp have called for vote recounts to determine who is the legal presidential winner, in light of many vote-counting discrepancies. Conversely, Joe Biden and his camp are preparing for his transition to the presidency.  Immediately following that transition, concerning wearing masks to curb the COVID pandemic, CNN reports Biden says he will call for “One hundred days, and I think we’ll see a significant reduction.”

Newsflash – Biden is Not President-Elect

Much of the media has long projected Joe Biden as winner of presidential election 2020, and has persuaded a large amount of the population to refer to him as president-elect.  All of this is occurring while members of the Trump camp are filing lawsuits alleging voter fraud in several states. Many of the proported vote-counting discrepancies revealed by Trumpsters, postpersons, laypersons, and key persons in the media have caused some voters to take pause about vote result validity and question if Biden is the legal election winner.

De Bouse to Fauci: Your Opinion Not So Expert

The word COVID may go down in history as one of the most used and most hated words in the lexicon.  From reporters and politicians to citizens to researchers and physicians, COVID is one of the first and last words of the day spoken.  Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and, has been very vocal concerning COVID his thoughts on curbing COVID cases.  But though Fauci is viewed as a U.S. pandemic authority by some, others believe his opinions on COVID may not be accurate.

De Bouse to Biden – What About the Mask-Exempt?

The 2020 presidential election will go down as perhaps the most memorable in history. On one side you have media outlets projecting Joe Biden as president-elect, while you have the Trump camp touting voter fraud and exercising legal rights to incite recounts or recertifications in certain states. Biden has stated his administration would would “mandate masks on all federal property,” and such could extend to a nationwide mandate.

Trump Right to Challenge Suspicious Ballot Counting

It’s pure pandemonium.  The 2020 voting year is perhaps the, or at least one of the most notable in history.  On top of having a pandemic, voting during a pandemic comes with its own set of challenges. Though more persons reportedly voted in election 2020 than any other or most any other election historically-including more women and American of Color voters-the manner in which votes were cast was altered by COVID-19. 

National Mask Exemption Awareness Day™ (MEADAY104)

It seems all we hear these days in #COVIDWORLD is mask this or mask that.  The CDC recommends them. Dr. Fauci recommends them. Governors and mayors have mandated them, and a large number of citizens are wearing them.  But amid all of this recommending and mandating, has anyone or entity really stopped to think and implement practical strategy for our most vulnerable and underserved population during this pandemic-the mask-exempt. 

Scientist Greshun De Bouse Lifaversary: Spared for COVID Research Contributions

She has been called the Most Phenomenal Woman if 2020.  She was named Mover and Shaker if the Year 2019 by MAS Media™.  She has been featured in various magazines, newspapers, and news stations nationwide.  Her research may be seen in some encyclopedias and other publications. She has coined terms viewable in at least one dictionary.

Researcher Greshun De Bouse and CDC Concur on Recent COVID Findings

It seems the year 2020 and COVID are synonymous.  Even with the plethora of other life-altering equal justice movements initiated, #ronavirus still takes precedence over all in 2020.  As new research emerges, we rely on expert researchers and scientists for interpretive analysis of what certain research fibdings mean in relation to the general public and COVID contraction avoidance. 

Tall People at Greater COVID Risk, High Altitudes Spur Increased COVID Cases

COVID, COVID Go Away! Don’t Come Back on Any Day!  This little ditty resonates in the hearts of all as an expression of their feelings toward #covibully.  We want COVID gone, cured, but we must know more about its cause to concoct a eradicating solution. Our friend Scientist and Researcher Greshun De Bouse is one who is ever researching COVID causes, viral structure and mutations, molecular formula, and more toward the end goal of eradication.  Now, Greshun’s research has yielded another finding: higher altitudes are conducive to increased COVID cases. Read on and learn why in Greshun’s own words. She says:

Some So-Called Homeless Are Scammers – A True COVID Story

We all have had this experience at one time or another-a homeless person walks up to you and asks for money, or perhaps is holding a sign requesting food and/or money.  Some of us choose to give one, the other, or both compassionately, while others choose to pass them by. Who is right or wrong for whatever decision they make is in the eye of the giver or non-giver.

Combating COVID – Survivor, Homeless, Agency Representative Perspectives

As a researcher, behaviorist among other things, our esteemed Greshun De Bouse is always observing, data-collecting, and compiling valid findings.  Greshun has been quite active in COVID research, and adamant about cause identification as key to COVID eradication. Most recently, Researcher Greshun has communicated with persons from various populations in various parts of the world concerning their views on, and/or personal experience with COVID, and what she learned is fascinating.

Mullying – Mask Bullying Promoted by CDC?

COVID undoubtedly has altered the entire trajectory of lives everywhere.  This so-called new normal includes restricting persons from natural human interaction, forced business closures or operating hours reduction, infingement on religious congregating, and perhaps the most pronounced is mask wearing.  But this mask wearing or face covering issue has sparked controversy from various persons and groups.

COVID-19: Are Masks and Staying Home Really The Answer?

Every second we hear news of increasing COVID-19 cases, deaths, and some recoveries throughout the world.  The prevailing question in the mindsof all is how to cure it or at least drastically reduce the spread.

According to the CDC, coronavirus or COVID-19 is not airborne.  In addition, the CDC recommends that those in vehicles roll windows down to allow fresh air entry and “slow the spread” of COVID. The exact words of the CDC are “You want fresh air coming in to that very small space.”  Thus, with or without further research, on the basis of CDC statements alone, one logically may conclude that natural outdoor air may be efficacious in combatting COVID-19. Our friend and favorite advocate Greshun De Bouse had very logical commentary on the COVID mask preventative measure situation.  Here’s what intelligent expert Advocate Greshun says.

Governor Edwards Should Keep Schools Closed for 2020-2021

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemuc literally has swept the nation like a windstorm, leaving behind deceased remnants of the former living, and fearful citizens eager to protect themselves from this peculiar and rapidly-infecting disease.  As back-to-school nears, growing concerns emerge about schools reopening and students returning. In Caddo Parish, Louisiana, schools currently are scheduled to reopen for the 2020-21 school year, but many students do not want to return amid COVID.  Our respected Advocate Greshun De Bouse weighs in.

Advocate Greshun De Bouse For Equality, Peacefully Represents #KNEEOFFMYNECK Coalition at DFW Pride For BLM

Greshun De Bouse is always doing something good! She is a true advocate for equality for all people, irrespective of individual differences.  Advocate Greshun represented #KNEEOFFMYNECK Coalition she founded in the DFW Pride for Black Lives Matter on Sunday, June 28, 2020 to stand for equality and justice for all.  She was joined by hundreds, perhaps thousands of demographically diverse persons to express their desire for equality and eradication of police brutality. Greshun told Kera Media’s Alejandra Martinez the following in her news interview when asked to explain the purpose of the coalition.

Happy Disabled Veterans Day 2020!

Happy Disabled Veterans Day™! It seems we were just celebrating last year, and now another year has come! Celebrated annually June 30 in the U.S. Disabled Veterans Day™is founded by Advocate Greshun De Bouse as an awareness holiday specifically for our beloved “disabled” veteran heroes to ensure All their service-related disability needs are met with timeliness, in a low-resistant process. 

June 25 National Police Community Cooperative Day Plans Derailed By Accident

Celebrating nationwide, today, June 25 is National Police Community Cooperative Day!  Having received her first congratulatory letter for the holiday from Mayor Henderson of Columbus, GA, National Police Community Cooperative Day is founded by beloved, trusted Advocate Greshun De Bouse who is adored for her peaceful mannerisms of bringing people together. 

Advocate Greshun De Bouse Car Tire Sabbatoged En Route to Tulsa Trump Rally

She is a positive motivating light in our world.  Her charming personality and positive spirit contagiously melt the hearts of all!  Advocate Greshun De Bouse, God love her, is just a global leader who fearlessly and unwaiveringly stands on her beliefs.  Some from the outside looking in may not understand or may misinterpret her methods, but Greshun is very ingenious, and does all with specific purpose.

Advocate Greshun De Bouse Choked to #ICANTBREATHE Level in Walmart

Prattville, AL — We all love her for her eternally youthful and positive spirit! We love her ‘midas touch’ in all she does!  Greshun De Bouse for sure is inspiration to us all!  That is why the following news is gut-wrenching.  On Friday, June 12, 2020, beloved and trusted Advocate Greshun De Bouse was choked to #icantbreathe level in a Prattville, Alabama Wal-Mart.

Advocate Greshun De Bouse Establishes National Doe B Day

We all know and love her! We all remain in awe of her endless contagious positive energy! She is trusted and beloved Equality Advocate Greshun De Bouse! This past Saturday, Greshun was in Montgomery, AL attending a peaceful and positive Rally Against Injustice. Because of Greshun’s astounding track record as a powerful global leader, successfully founding national holidays, advocating for positive causes, and simply being a mover and shaker who gets things done in record time, Shirley Thomas, mother of slain rapper Doe B-affiliated with Celeb Rapper T.I.-who brought national attention to Alabama after performing one of his biggest collaborative hits with T.I. on MTV’s 106 & Park in 2013, wanted to meet Greshun and solicit her help.

Greshun De Bouse Founds Police Community Cooperative Day – Writes George Floyd Anthem

We all know and love her!  She is beautiful, kind, wise, extraordinarily intelligent, positive, savvy, successful, radiant, and widely known as the Queen of All Things Good. She is trusted and beloved Greshun De Bouse.  Among her many other accolades, in light of the recent death of George Floyd, Greshun has founded National Police Community Cooperative Day for which she has received a congratulatory letter from Mayor Skip Henderson of Columbus, GA, and she has written ‘the’ George Floyd Anthem #icantbreatheanthem.

Greshun De Bouse Harrassed, MAGA Hat Stolen – Asks Kanye and Candace For Help

Trusted Equality Advocate Greshun De Bouse made history as the only American of Color seen seated left of President Trump (facing television screen) in his VIP section as he spoke at Keep America Great Rally-Tupelo, MS in late 2019. However, Greshun says she has been bullied and harassed horribly for any real or perceived support of President Trump.

Hibernation First Must Stop, So Economic Flow Will Not

She has stolen the spotlight again, and many persons, including doctors, researchers, and  laypersons, are expressing concern for President Trump’s statements during a daily briefing yesterday on how to eradicate her. We are speaking of COVID-19, and the April 23, 2020 daily briefing by Bill Bryan, head of the Department of Homeland Security’s science and technology division.

Governor Kemp Reopening Georgia is Smart

She has made a huge splash in this world, and generated more buzz than the most sought after celebrity in record time.  She is bad enough to force a national/global lockdown, incite paralyzing fear in most, and is at the center of more arguments than the biggest drama king or queen. I am speaking of non other than. COVID-19.  She has spurred economic shutdown globally, and some leaders have decided they have had enough of her antics. Currently, some governors are ready to reopen the economy to prevent a complete economic disaster.  One such governor is Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia.

The Whole Nation For Sure Should Be Praying For President Trump

COVID-19 quickly has become a common term that rolls easily off the lips of all.  She certainly has dominated the year of 2020 thus far. Unfortunately, due to fear, ignorance, or a combination of both many leaders and laypersons alike are too busy arguing and playing the blame game, rather than working together toward a resolve.  In fact, many are blaming President Trump for the exacerbated COVID-19 problem.

National Making The First Move Day 2020: Face COVID-19 Bully

As seen in Chase’s Calendar, Days of the Year Calendar, Big Easy Magazine, What National Day Is It, numerous other publications, and as recognized by multiple mayors and celebrities, National  Making The First Move Day® or #mtfmoveday is a national advocacy holiday celebrated annually April 7 as an all-inclusive day for kids, families, and persons of all ages, demographics, and backgrounds to reclaim their personal power and START MAKING THE FIRST MOVE TOWARDS BULLYING PREVENTION AND RECOVERY IN ALL FORMS™.

First Louisiana Coronavirus Death Confirmed, Cases Doubled

Confirmed presumptive coronavirus cases in Louisiana is now a whopping 77– up from just 38 yesterday. This means the virus is spreading as rapidly as the CDC advised, with cases doubling in less than one day. Not only have the case numbers increased, but also one death has occurred in Louisiana from coronavirus.  Sadly, the Louisiana Department of Health reported “a 58-year-old with underlying health conditions being treated at Touro Infirmary in Orleans Parish died Saturday, March 14, marking the first death in Louisiana” (WAFB). In response to this first death in the state, Governor John Bell Edwards issued this statement:

Coronavirus Update in Louisiana – Governor Mandated School Closures, Election Push Back

One thing is for sure– things with coronavirus can change drastically from minute to minute, as is the case in Louisiana.  Shortly after a previous story on coronavirus in Shreveport, LA ran yesterday (March 13, 2020) which also discussed the 33 confirmed presumptive coronavirus cases in Louisiana, and how Shreveport residents were waiting to learn if K-12 schools would or would not close, multiple developments have occurred.  Governor John Bell Edwards of Louisiana has signed a proclamation which closes all Louisiana schools statewide and prohibits any gatherings of 250 people or more until April 13, 2020. The following is a statement from Gov. Edwards:

Greshun De Bouse: Shreveport Mayor Blames Republicans in State of Black Shreveport Address

On this past Saturday, February 29, 2020, Shreveport, LA Mayor Adrian Perkins delivered a “State of Black Shreveport” address at Southern University-Shreveport.

During this address which many found racially offensive, Mayor Perkins blamed some local Republicans for attempts to oppress black leaders.  Mayor Perkins stated ” There is an effort to undermine my administration, but it is much bigger than that. There is an effort by some of the local republican party to obstruct progress and rewrite the city charter to strip power away from black elected officials.”

Greshun De Bouse Attends Largest African-American History Parade in Nation

Everybody’s sweetheart, humanitarian Greshun De Bouse, attended the largest African-American history parade celebration in the nation to usher in Black History Month 2020!  The 32nd Annual African-American History Parade Celebration was held Saturday, February 1, 2020 at 11 am in downtown Shreveport, LA (3rd largest city in the state). In addition to being the largest in the state, the African-American History Parade Celebration is also the only of its kind with four hours of streaming live news coverage, compliments of KTBS Channel 3/KPXJ CW 21. 

Greshun De Bouse: Equality For All Makes America Great

Ok. So we all know Greshun De Bouse is Queen of Everything Extraordinary!  Her winning smile and larger than life positive spirit are absolutely contagious!   Part of what nakes her so great is her commitment to inclusivity and equality for ALL mankind.  Greshun, like her predecessors, contends America’s greatness is found only in a comprehensive equal extension of rights and treatment to ALL.  However, it seems that those who adopt a philosophical foundation like Greshun are often met with a tragic fate. 

Greshun De Bouse to Oppressors: ‘Please Stop Harrassing Me’

Our beloved global leader Greshun De Bouse has a super busy and productive life! We love her for that!  Under normal circumstances, she is found researching, traveling to and fro meeting with dignitaries/notables, generally engaged in joint strategizing on continued world improvement, and much more.  However, it is challenging to go about her day-to-day life when she is constantly followed,  harassed, stalked, and more.

Though Greshun is a public, even ‘celebrity’ figure herself many would say, we are not talking about a ‘paparazzi’ type following.  We are talking about the unwanted and unwarranted harassing attempted-intimidating stalking, intent-to-harm harassing.

Did Disabled Veterans Day Founder Greshun De Bouse Inspire President Trump?

We all know and love her.  There’s nothing not to love about Greshun De Bouse.  Her positive track record across the globe, helping to improve conditions for disabled veterans and other groups in need is irrefutable.  Greshun has received recognition for her efforts from mayors, governors, celebrities, and other notables across the globe.

Greshun De Bouse Commands Thousands at Louisiana Trump Rally

Monroe, LA – It’s official! Greshun De Bouse is God, or so close to it she might as well be! Her regal presence and calm, commanding demeanor had crowds at Keep America Great Trump Rally 2019-Monroe, LA eagerly compliant and under her spell. Everyone from media to vendors to volunteers commented on how they had never seen such a petite little lady have thousands of people absolutely orderly and under her control-literally begging to do what she says.  When asked what the key thing is to keeping them [the crowd] all in order by KTBS News 3 Reporter, Patrick Dennis, Greshun replied “I travel light, and I carry a big stick! It’s all love.”

St. Jude’s Hospital CEO Thanks Greshun De Bouse this Halloween for Hairless St. Jude’s Kids Advocacy

Memphis, TN — We all know her and love Greshun De Bouse for all she does already! Well, here’s yet another reason to love Greshun De Bouse! While many spent Halloween meandering from door to door collecting sweet treats, sweetheart Greshun De Bouse was busy being a sweet treat to the kid’s at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in Memphis, TN.