13 Habits of Mentally Strong Women

Being mentally strong isn’t necessarily something you are born with. It can be developed by consistently practicing mentally strong habits. Just as negative habits can change your life, positive habits can have a huge impact! Habits are the building blocks to success, and research has shown that about 40% of the things we do every day are based on our habits. When we look at the habits of mentally strong women, we can see there are similarities, and these women practice many of the same positive habits! If you are looking to make some approvements in your life, take a look at these 13 habits of mentally strong women:

10 Strategies to Improve Your Self-Worth and Recognize Your True Value

Having a strong sense of self-worth means that you recognize your true value. It’s the feeling that you are a good person who deserves to be treated with respect. Your self-worth significantly affects your life because it will influence each aspect of it – your relationships, your health, your career, etc. When you don’t recognize your true value, you may accept less than you deserve and go for the “low hanging fruit” in life. 

Two Types of Consciousness in the Battle with Coronavirus

The world has become civilized over its past history of almost six thousand years.  Civilization of the world combines in it two levels of consciousness which are doing the right thing in two ways. These two levels of consciousness have been realized in modern medicine as conventional medicine and psychology. Psychology has become accepted also in conventional medicine. Psychology deals with the healing of the mind maintaining mental stability even to remain happy during traumatic events in life such as the Pandemic Corona. Conventional medicine looks at the body to examine the functions of the body to maintain the health of the body.

The Unexamined Life – Was Socrates Right?

In 399 BC Socrates, a Greek philosopher spoke these words” The unexamined life is not worth living.” These words are just as true today as they were those many centuries ago.

Why was it so difficult then and still is so hard today to look at our lives and our world with a critical eye? It is difficult because what we find when we examine things too closely is that much that is happening to us is not perhaps what we had hoped our lives would be and when we acknowledge that truth, we must then make an effort to either accept and adjust to harsh realities or to begin to make possible changes—

Success, Happiness and a More Meaningfull Life

Achieving Personal Success

What is an important key to achieving personal success? Before this question can be answered, we must define what we mean by personal success. Many of us equate personal success with power and financial success, and indeed we must have enough self-esteem and enough financial security in our lives to feel confident that we are meeting our necessary responsibilities, but in my definition of personal success we must view our lives in all of its varied aspects. That means attention must be paid not only to our work and our careers, but also to our personal needs–health, recreation, personal relationships and growth. In today’s fast paced environment, this takes a special commitment to dedicate ourselves to planning and balance.

Life Coaching – Beware of Spiritual Charlatans and False Gurus

Some people say that Life Coaching is the second fastest growing profession in the world. The true life coach definition is a committed professional who has the right training and tools to help you achieve your goals.  Few people can say that they are already performing at the top of their game each and every day. A life coach can help you reach your true potential.

Open the internet. Type in the words life coach. You will find a long list of advertisements and information about the meaning of Life Coach.

Pay Day

Pay Day is a specified day of the week or month when one is paid usually workers collecting wages from their employers. In America it is usually the first of the month.  In Israel the tenth day of the month.

It is a commandment in Deuteronomy 24:14-16, Don’t delay to pay your employed worker the poor and destitute of your brothers or from the strangers immigrants in your land. On the same day you should pay them even not to wait one more day which will be for you a sin.”

Legalization of Marijuana

It would be great if people didn’t need a high and were satisfied with life the good and the bad; but it is not true.  The need for psychiatric medicine is growing.  Some of these medicines have side effects.  Judaism did not object to drinking a little alcohol, it even can have good stimulation, for it says, When goes in wine, opens up secrets.  Religious extremists suppress the need for alcohol and sometimes become terrorists. The law of God teaches moderation.

Millennials: Marriage is Paramount

Everyone wishes to have a family. Everyone yearns to have kids, own a gigantic mansion, drift a fleet of classic cars and just be happy in marriage. Yes i said it, be happy in marriage.

Marriage is paramount. Its a phase in life. It’s believed that everyone must get married at some point in life. Whether late or early, your parents will still want grandchildren.

The millennials are not ready for a cuff. They look down upon marriage and see it as a trap. They will only focus their wits on clubbing, trend-setting and lazing on the couch watching movies.

How to Gain Happiness and Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is all about happiness.

Usually we start searching for peace of mind after 50-60% of our life is already completed, but I feel one has to understand the meaning of happiness at a very early age to gain peace of mind.

First, every person needs to focus on reducing the unnecessary needs in their life, and try to be happy with whatever one has. Parents are the key players in this process, to help children understand how to be happy rather than trying to fill their unnecessary wants and needs.