Holidays, Public Impeachment Hearings, Books and Movies

The holidays are here and they bring excitement, expectations and unfortunately more stress. We can do much to minimize that stress. We must strive to make our holidays good, but we don’t have make them perfect. If we try to compete to make our holiday better than our neighbors, we set ourselves up for added stress.

I did not realize that there are many holidays which are celebrated in December.  Of course there is Christmas, December 25th with it’s emphasis on faith, childhood magic, family and the important focus on “Peace on earth, good will toward men.” There is the holiday Hanukah on December 22, “The festival of lights” which is about miracles and freedom. There is Kwanzaa on December 26, a celebration of family, community and culture. These December holidays by different religious all share in the joys of family and the best impulses and hopes of all human beings. Happy Holidays to all!