Renting or Buying – Which One is the Best Option?

This is one of the main dilemmas of financial life. Learn which factors you must consider when deciding.

Taking care of finances is fundamental for a happy and satisfactory life. Paying bills, saving money and being able to buy things we want is important to find happiness — that is what a study by the Economics Nobel Prize winners, Angus Deaton and Daniel Kahneman, indicates.

How to Winter-Proof Your Home

Before winter comes, you need to make sure everything is set for the harsh weather. Most of the things you can do by yourself and with some basic tools, like gloves and ladders. Not to mention that year-round maintenance of your house can save you a lot of money and prevent uncomfortable situations. With that in mind, here are some of the tips to winter-proof your home against cold, frost, snow, and freezing winds.

Dangerous Home Leak Problems You Should Be Aware Of

A gas and water leak is a serious, high-risk emergency that can not only damage your property but also endanger human life and health. In order to minimize possible risks, everyone should know how to identify it on time and what to do in case of a gas or water leak in an apartment or house. In this article, we will make sure to prepare you for extraordinary situations so, in case of an emergency, you can prevent a tragedy.

Benefits of Buying a Residential Awning

Most homeowners are continually seeking ways to upgrade or improve their property. If done correctly, your home’s exterior can create a unique first impression. From installing new pavers on the driveway to putting on a new roof, your home can make a bold statement for anyone who sees it. Another addition you may not have thought about is a residential awning. Any property owner wishing to add functionality and aesthetic appeal to their property will enjoy the benefits they have to offer. Here are some reasons why it’s good to buy one.

Democrat Impeachment Inquiry Will Likely Make Trump Stronger

Many pundits have speculated that the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry may end up hurting the party and could lead to a Republican victory in 2020. After the Mueller investigation dragged on for nearly two years and failed to yield anything conclusive, many Americans have become weary of Democrat efforts to impeach Trump. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also showed apprehension in calling for a formal impeachment inquiry. However, after increasing pressure from her colleagues in the House, she took concrete step towards impeachment.

Shutdown Enters Second Week; Congress Waits Until Next Year

Federal Government Shuts Down as Congress, Trump Reach Impasse

21 Days to the Midterm Elections: #RedWave or #BlueWave?