Free Flights for Migrants to United States – Congo is #1 Country of Origin

Refugees on Planes is paying for flights for illegal alien migrants to arrive on planes in the United States. A organization called Refugees on Planes is paying for flights for migrants to airports all over the world.

Ebola Outbreak Map did some serious internet research and was able to identify this organization that is paying for African migrants to fly on planes that are arriving each day here in the united states and in Europe.  Migrants fly on planes using airline tickets given to them by refugees on planes organization  from Europe the migrants then are able to to take another flight  and arrive in united states.

Chicago Mayor and Illinois Governor Refuse to Cooperate with Trump; They Have No Problem Taking His Money

It’s no secret that Chicago is proud of their sanctuary city status and their lack of cooperation with the Trump Administration. With the election of Lori Lightfoot as mayor, it became clear that Chicago will continue down the path of presidential defiance and migrant protection.

Lightfoot recently addressed the issue of illegal immigration, saying that the Chicago Police Department would not cooperate with President’s Trump’s planned ICE raids that will target over 2,000 families in 10 cities.