Which Counties in Illinois are Offering Property Tax Relief During Coronavirus Crisis?

Coronavirus pandemic is changing our lifestyles. While some employees are working from home, others have filed unemployment. Families and businesses are finding it hard to pay their property tax bills. If you haven’t received your bill yet, it might be on its way.

In times of crisis, it’s fair to question what are the US counties doing to provide financial relief to their people?

Chicago Mayor and Illinois Governor Refuse to Cooperate with Trump; They Have No Problem Taking His Money

It’s no secret that Chicago is proud of their sanctuary city status and their lack of cooperation with the Trump Administration. With the election of Lori Lightfoot as mayor, it became clear that Chicago will continue down the path of presidential defiance and migrant protection.

Lightfoot recently addressed the issue of illegal immigration, saying that the Chicago Police Department would not cooperate with President’s Trump’s planned ICE raids that will target over 2,000 families in 10 cities.