Survey Results – European Hybrid Clouds and Data Strategies

Data drives enterprise organization

If it is unavailable, then the entire business feels the impact, making data protection and recovery critical to the business. The amount of data being stored is growing at an exponential rate, all the while organizations need to ensure that they manage, protect and provide data availability 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. To become more cost effective, secure and agile, organizations are moving away from the classic on-premises infrastructure and are moving toward a cloud-based environment. Organizations may intend to use public cloud or private cloud, but why not a combination of both or multi-cloud? Enterprise cloud solutions offer the benefits of each type of cloud and allow flexibility over deployment models, while retaining control and visibility.

Your Business Needs a New Platform – Time to Admit the Future is Here

Business IT is being dragged down by the weight of the ‘old’. Whether it is outdated assumptions, virtualization platforms designed for consolidation not agility, or simply neophobia, this isn’t just disruption, it’s a death-grip. Losing the weight requires fundamental change, and here’s why:

Flexible and agile is the ‘new normal’
Enterprise success today relies on speed, agility, security and availability, while always keeping costs under tight control.