Biggest Problem? Fake News Polls Ahead of Crime, Climate Change and Racism

A shocking new poll by Pew Research shows that Fake News, or the trust of journalism and government, is now more important than Terrorism, Sexism, Illegal Immigration and more. That is one reason Communal News was founded, allowing for an open news hub to bring both the writers and the readers closer to together. Americans are taking issue with their political leaders and the activist groups that openly create fake and misleading news. Conservatives/Republicans have more problems with journalists (especially compared to Democrats), believing that a journalists’ ideological beliefs outweigh their professional ethics. The majority of those being polled believe fake news will be getting worse going into the next 2020 presidential election cycle.

Assange: Prosecutors Drop Vault 7 Charges; Espionage Charge Still Controversial

In a stunning development Sunday, Politico reported the Justice Department decided not to charge WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange over his role in one of the most devastating leaks in CIA history. Dubbed Vault 7, the leak exposed the CIA’s hacking capabilities to compromise cars, smart TVs, web browsers, and operating systems. The move was seen as a surprise, given the Department’s decision to aggressively pursue Assange on other, more controversial charges.