Kenya — Mass Testing Begins in Kiambu After Two Cases Found

Kiambu Governor Dr. James Nyoro said Kiambu residents will be tested for Covid-19 following two people being diagnosed with the disease in Makonge, Thika. He made this clear on Saturday, following a Friday announcement from the Ministry of Health. Assistant Minister of Health Dr. Rashid Aman announced Friday that Thika, in Kiambu County, has been a “host” of Covid-19.

Coronavirus— Nigeria, Kenya Ease Restrictions in Cities

Nigeria began loosening restrictions Monday on staying in the capital, Abuja, and the largest city, Lagos, in an effort to reduce the impact on Africa’s largest economy. The government said restoring economic activity was the first phase of the six-week process. It added that the situation will be re-evaluated within the next two weeks, and if the situation is calm, the action of lockdown will be eliminated altogether.

“Locust-19”: Africa Braces for Second Wave Amid Coronavirus Fight

A second wave of locusts is expected to cause severe damage in Eastern Africa, two months after a group of dangerous pests invaded the region shortly before the outbreak of the coronavirus. ”It seems that those who escaped COVID-19 will face locusts,” said Akinwumi Adesina, President of the African Development Bank and former Nigerian Agriculture Minister.

Coronavirus: Kenya Begins Arresting Those Without Face Masks

Police in Kenya began arresting people walking without masks on Tuesday after Inspector General Hillary Mutanzai said the grace period had expired. Mr. Muntazai issued the order a few days after the terms were published in the official Government Gazette. According to Mr. Mutanzai, Kenyans were given enough time to practice walking with face masks whenever they stepped outside their homes, so there was no reason to relax the requirement.

Coronavirus: 11 New Cases, 15 Recovered, in Kenya

Health Minister Mutahi Kagwe has announced that fifteen patients who were suffering from the coronavirus in Kenya have recovered within the past 24 hours. This number is the largest reported so far, and thus reaches a total number of 40 people. However, eleven other people have been diagnosed with the virus in the country, and have increased the number of infections to 208 people.

Coronavirus: Kenya Announces New Restrictions, Rwandan Officials to Donate Salaries

Kenya’s President, Uhuru Kenyatta, announced new restrictions today in the fight against the spread of the new coronavirus. As of tonight, local time, all entries and exits from the country’s two largest cities are banned. “The cessation of movement within the Nairobi metropolitan area shall be for an initial containment period of 21 days with effect from 7 p.m. Monday the 6th of April 2020, that is today,” Kenyatta said in a televised address to the nation.

Coronavirus: Number of Cases Increasing in Kenya

According to Health Minister Mutahi Kagwe, four additional cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in Kenya, bringing the total to 42. The first case was reported on March 13. The cases include one Kenyan, one Cameroonian, one American, and one Burkinese. Commenting on the coronavirus epidemic. Mr. Kagwe has urged all Kenyans to work together to prevent coronavirus infections, rather than leaving the burden to the government alone. ​

Coronavirus: Kagwe Cites Lack of Discipline, Opposition Calls for Lockdown, as Cases Increase

Kenyan Health Minister Mutahi Kagwe announced nine new cases of coronavirus Tuesday, with the number of infected reaching 25. Kagwe said that among the new cases, seven were Kenyans while the other two were foreigners. He also accused Kenyans of exercising poor discipline, a behavior that is a blow in efforts to combat coronavirus infections.

Coronavirus: Kenya and Uganda Close Borders, Ban Flights

The Kenyan government has issued a directive disallowing all passenger flights. This is in a bid to curb the spread of coronavirus. According to a statement, issued by Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe on Sunday, the rule will come into effect on Wednesday. Cargo aircraft will, however, be allowed, and all crew-members are expected to adhere to strict precautionary guidelines.

Coronavirus: Eight Negative Tests Leaves Seven Cases in Kenya

Kenya’s Ministry of Health said the results of eight tests in the last 24 hours have shown no new cases of infection in the country. That means the number of Covid-19 infections in the country remains seven. Addressing journalists in Nairobi, the minister Mutahi Kagwe said that by Thursday, the eight people whose samples were taken for testing were currently undergoing procedures to be allowed to leave the hospital.

Daniel arap Moi, Kenyan President and Strongman, Dies

Kenya is mourning the death of an icon, former president Daniel Arap Moi. The former head of state, who is set to be given a state burial, died Tuesday morning at around 5:30 AM in Nairobi Hospital. He ruled the country for 24 years, between 1978 and 2002, and he was vibrant and healthy. The former teacher, who later became the country’s longest-serving president, transformed the political landscape with his iron-fisted rule.

Kenyan School Stampede Kills 14

At least fourteen pupils have died and several others were injured after a stampede in a school in Kakamega County in Kenya. The tragedy took place on Monday evening on the third floor of a five-storey building. Western Regional Commander, Peris Kimani, confirmed the incident, saying that twenty of those injured were treated at the county’s referral hospital and discharged. Responders, including police and Red Cross Society personnel, went to the school to offer emergency services.

Four Killed in Car Bomb Attack in Mogadishu

Four people were killed and ten others injured when a car bomb exploded close to a checkpoint near Somalia’s parliament in the capital Mogadishu, police have said. “Explosives were packed in a vehicle which the security forces think was trying to pass through the checkpoint but because he could not do that, the suicide bomber detonated it,” said a police officer, Adan Abdullahi. “Initial reports we have received indicate four people were killed and more than ten others wounded in the blast,” he added.

Al-Shabaab Attacks U.S. Military Base in Kenya, Three Killed

Security was heightened in Kenya after an attack by al-Shabaab at a military base in Lamu that is usually used by US and Kenyan military personnel. A US military service member and two US contractors were killed in the attack. Two other Department of Defense personnel were injured is Sunday’s attack on Manda Bay Airfield in Lamu County. “The wounded Americans are in stable condition and being evacuated,” African Command (AFRICOM) said in a statement.