Kenya — Mass Testing Begins in Kiambu After Two Cases Found

Kiambu Governor Dr. James Nyoro said Kiambu residents will be tested for Covid-19 following two people being diagnosed with the disease in Makonge, Thika. He made this clear on Saturday, following a Friday announcement from the Ministry of Health. Assistant Minister of Health Dr. Rashid Aman announced Friday that Thika, in Kiambu County, has been a “host” of Covid-19.

Coronavirus— Nigeria, Kenya Ease Restrictions in Cities

Nigeria began loosening restrictions Monday on staying in the capital, Abuja, and the largest city, Lagos, in an effort to reduce the impact on Africa’s largest economy. The government said restoring economic activity was the first phase of the six-week process. It added that the situation will be re-evaluated within the next two weeks, and if the situation is calm, the action of lockdown will be eliminated altogether.