Journalist to Trump: Media Censoring, Here’s Proof, I’m Starving, I Quit

The question begs: Is it really happening?

Are media giants like Facebook and Twitter censoring rhe right, smaller news companies and the public? Are they censoring Christians? Are they censoring the left equally? With algorithms now controlling everything said, we now also have machines controlling our conversations, our very lives.

It’s Complicated: Facebook’s Relationship With Civil Society

Facebook made headlines Thursday, banning several media personalities from their social media platforms, calling them “dangerous.”  That is, multiple media outlets reported the bans before they actually took place.  Laura Loomer, Milo Yiannopoulos, Paul Nehlen, Louis Farrakhan, Paul Joseph Watson, and Infowars creator Alex Jones still had control of their Facebook and Instagram accounts several hours after their bans were reported by the press.

Infowars’ status as a proscribed entity seems particularly unique.  In a move usually reserved for terrorist organizations, all official and unofficial pages and content has been removed.  Infowars content posted by ordinary users will be removed.  Repeat violators of this policy will themselves be banned.