Russian Constitution Proposed Amendments and Article 67 – Is Ukraine Going to Loose Donbass and Luhansk Regions?

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the scheduled vote on amendments to the Russian Constitution will run from June 25 to July 1. According to the Kremlin, the ballot will not contain separate items for each amendment; voters can only vote for the entire package at once by answering just one question: “Do you Approve of changes to the Constitution of the Russian Federation?” Yes or No?

Hail to Czar Putin – The Official Verbatim Proposed Amendments to Russian Constitution Are Here

The official verbatim of the Russian Constitution proposed amendments became available. Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed the amendments to the Russian Constitution on January 15, 2020. In the new amendments, the Russian working class again is shorted. Instead, Russian politicians divide the powers between them for their personal goals and gain.

Instead of legislative and planned development of science and culture, it focuses on religion and national ideas for ordinary workers and their families. It is done purely for social engineering propaganda. During the Soviet Era religion was frowned upon, as communism does not have a place for religion. Now the new amendments dictate to Russians what religion they should follow. Seventh Day Adventists and similar religious groups are pretty much banned in Russia. If one follows that religion, the children can be taken away by the government. During divorce, if one parent is a follower of such a religion, it would be an automatic termination of their chance at custody.

US National Arrested for Large Scale Bribery in Russia – Was It a Setup or Something More?

A US national has been arrested in Russia. The Basmanny Moscow court is asking for the detention of US citizen Gene Miron Specter, who has been detained due to allegations of bribery.  The charge is part 4 Article 291.1 Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. It is Federal Law No. 97-FZ of May 4, 2011 reworded Article 291 of this Code Article 291:

New Computer Algorithm Detects Repeat Offenders – Could It Change the Justice System?

A new study might change the results of the criminal justice system. Researchers from Stanford University and the University of California, Berkley, created algorithms that are more accurate than people in determining which of the accused will commit a crime again. In the new work, the researchers note that even untrained people can fairly accurately predict the risk of reoffending by a person: to do this, they only need to know a few simple variables. But the criminal justice system, which does not have the right to make mistakes, works with a large number of parameters: in this case, it is much more difficult for even a professional to draw conclusions. Recently, it was found that algorithms are able to predict a possible relapse much better than people.

UK Immigration System and Work Permits Per BREXIT – Detailed Point Based System Explained

On February 19th, UK unveiled its new points based immigration system. The system is very similar to the current Canadian immigration system. The post-Brexit period will end by the end of 2020.

The new system will come into effect on January 1, 2021. This will mean controlled border access points. Unskilled labor by foreign nationals will be absolute banned. It would also mean that former Soviet Baltic republic nationals will no longer have access to such jobs. It would add additional poverty to Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Even though they get aid and funding for being NATO strategic locations. It would hit their economy, due to an immediate decrease in spending.

Why is Russia Opposing the Creation of the International Tribunal to Prosecute Terrorists? What is the Kremlin’s Agenda?

Russia opposes the creation of an International Tribunal to prosecute foreign terrorist fighters (FTF) operating in Syria and Iraq. The official statement was made by Vladimir Tarabrin, Director of the Department for new challenges and threats of the Russian Foreign Ministry. The timing of the statement is due to the conference that was held in Vienna, Austria this week at the OSCE headquarters titled “Foreign terrorist fighters – responding to modern challenges.”

Russia Won the Battle for Stolichnaya Vodka in a Landmark Case in the Netherlands

Stolichnaya is a vodka made of wheat and rye grain. A well-known Soviet brand, the ownership of Stolichnaya has been disputed since the dissolution of the Soviet Union between Russian state-owned company FKP Soyuzplodimport and SPI Group, a private company founded and owned by Russian billionaire Yuri Shefler.

The court battle for the brand has been ongoing for 20 years and the final decision has been made. According to the Supreme Court of Netherlands, billionaire Yuri Shefler will have to repay all his profits from vodka sales for the period of over 20 years.

Here Comes Czar Putin – Changes to Russian Constitution and Goodbye Democracy

On January 15, 2020 Vladimir Putin gave a key speech that is about to change Russia’s trajectory forever. It is clear Putin will follow the steps of Chinese President Xi to be pretty much a forever leader.

In the opening statement, Putin said that Russian constitution is constant and it does not need changing. Of course, there was an immediate round of applause. However, he then immediately said the constitution needs to be amended. Putin’s supporters immediately joined in the ovation and ecstasy. Such reaction reminds one of the old Soviet Era and the reactions to the Czar.

Russia’s Ominous New Law to Designate Russian Citizens as Foreign Agents. Are Stalin Style Repressions Coming Soon?

Russia’s Gosduma approved a new law regarding Russian individuals being designated as  foreign agents if they are working with foreign news outlets and receive funding outside of Russia. Interestingly, besides one member of the Duma, 337 members voted in favor of the proposed law.  It is expected to take effect on November 21. The State Duma, commonly abbreviated in Russian as Gosduma, is the lower house of the Federal Assembly of Russia, while the upper house is the Council of the Federation. The Duma headquarters are located in central Moscow, a few steps from Manege Square. Its members are referred to as deputies.

UK Ruthlessly Starting DNA Collection – Goodbye Privacy Forever

Britain’s Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Matthew Hancock announced the government’s desire to start collecting DNA of every newborn child. Hence, the privacy of UK citizens will no longer exist. Your DNA is a treasure trove of personal information, including your physical characteristics like eye color, paternity and health. The UK has been a pioneer in privacy intrusion. It is one thing to use DNA to solve heinous crimes and protect society, yet another to use it for the government’s gain and control.

Anti-Immigration Website Reborn as Anti-ICE/Border Patrol Site

The owner of a website that was known internationally for exposing the identities of people in countries illegally has re-launched one of his old anti-immigration websites as a resource for documenting the abuse of undocumented persons by law enforcement. This change of heart comes after founder Cyrus Sullivan spent time living with illegal aliens in federal prisons and realized how unfairly they are treated by the government.

Law, Privacy and Genome Human Rights Failure in Russia – Putin’s Fascination with Hitler’s Eugenics Project

The Human Genome Organization (HUGO) and the European Union developed genetic information privacy regulations to protect the public. A majority of experts have agreed for the need for genetic information privacy. In 2014 the HUGO Committee on Ethics, Law and Society (CELS) presented a human rights approach to an international code of conduct for genomic and clinical data sharing. The code of conduct is supposed to prevent human rights violations during the research of genomes, allowing enough protection to allow scientific research in the genome field.

Using Social Media During Your Divorce – The Dos and Don’ts

As a divorce lawyer at the Vitale Family Law firm in Raleigh, North Carolina, I’d like to share a few things to keep in mind when it comes to using social media during a divorce. Just because you’re going through a divorce doesn’t mean you have to shut down your social life or delete all of your social media accounts.

However, it’s usually in your best interest to be careful about what you share online with the world. Here are five tips to help you make smarter choices regarding how you use social media during the divorce process. 

CAFTA Arbitrators Abandoned the Rule of Law in Costa Rica Case

A judge must be faithful to their professional competence in the Law and rely on facts and evidence in their rulings. In this Arbitration case, the Arbitrators, Eduardo Siqueiros, Pedro Nikken and Mark Baker abandoned the law, the facts and the evidence.

Newly appointed Supreme Court Justice, Brett Kavanaugh, said this in his confirmation hearing:

“Our rulings need to be accurate and correct because they affect peoples’ lives. Our rulings must be clearly explained so that both parties, even the losing party, clearly understands how we came to our decision and that it was JUST AND FAIR.”