Greshun De Bouse: Loving Despite Oppressors

What more can be said about Greshun De Bouse? To know her or even encounter her is to love her.  Her kind, tender heart often has been viewed by outsiders looking in as naivety to real-world occurrences, and adoption of a rainbows and butterflies mentality. But having lived a sheltered life deeply rooted in the church, Greshun adopted and maintains the ‘love trumps all’ mantra.  This is just really how Greshun is-innocent, perhaps naive and just wanting all to get along like innocent children do-but golden.  Greshun says, “I was always taught that one may have all the talent, success, charisma, etc., but it’s nothing without love.  It may sound cliche’, but I wish we all could just get along and love each other.  In love, there is room for growth and healing.”

Macrocosm and Microcosm – Faith and Religion

Democracy is the result of six thousand years in the development of civilization. Democracy is the macrocosm of the story of life and civilization from the first day of creation until today. The microcosm of creation and civilization are the religions in the world, the nations of the world with a law. The macrocosm democracy with the ideology of freedom is one, the aspect of unity. The microcosms are multiple nations each with their own law. The law of a democracy is like is written in the Declaration of Independence, One nation under God with liberty and justice forever. Within a democracy is a microcosm which is called its constitution. There is no nation without boundaries, without a constitution. In a democracy the macrocosm is freedom as an ideal. In a microcosm a theocracy or secular dictatorship there is no statute of freedom written in the law. The people are called subjects, servants of their nation. President Trump declared at the Evangelist rally, America worships God and not its nation.

10 Ways to Know If He Loves You or Not

Have you been in a relationship with a guy for a long time? Do you want to know if he really loves you or not? Keep reading.

It is not easy for a woman to understand a guy’s feelings because not all men are good at verbally expressing their feelings. And that is something which makes girls confused. They want to know a guy’s real feelings. That is why we bring you the best tips to figuring out your man’s real emotions. So here are the tips:

Solomon King of Israel – Marriage or Celibacy

Israel is today a democracy.  In the times of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem it was a theocracy with a King. There were no elections like in Israel today. The King was chosen by a prophet. The first King was King Saul appointed by the prophet Samuel. The son-in-law of Saul and warrior in his army was David who became the successor to King Saul. The son of King David was Solomon who became King at the age of 12 years old and reigned for forty years.

The World We Live In – Technology is Not Bringing Us Together

Today is July 7, 2019 and the world we live in is in complete disarray. Real is not real. Fake is in. Petty has replaced common sense along with common decency. We have a crook in the oval office; and not a good one may I add.

Everything revolves around social media likes and comments. The world is at a point where doing something “out of the kindness of your heart” has to be documented for a later release. It seems as if love has lost the ongoing battle to vanity.

Loving You is a Losing Game: A Song Review

Duncan Lawrence received the award for his song “Loving You is a Losing Game” at the Eurovision song contest in Jerusalem last month. Everyone wants love. Love is in our nature from birth.

The baby comes out of his mother’s womb and cries.  He cries for love. His mother embraces him and feeds him. Children need love throughout the childhood and adolescence. When they reach the age of 12 for a girl and 13 for a boy they need love which their mother can no longer give them. By some people this stage in life is called independence.  Others say that it is the trick of the devil.  The song of Duncan Lawrence “Loving you is a losing game” is teaching beware of love.