Malawi Court Rejects Mutharika’s Appeal, Setting Up Election Re-Run

Malawi’s Supreme Court today upheld the annulment of President Peter Mutharika’s narrow election victory last year, citing gross fraud. The decision paves the way for new elections to be held on July 2 this year. In a judgment that was eagerly awaited by many Malawians, Justice Frank Kapanda announced the dismissal of the appeal in the nation’s capital, Lilongwe.

Developing Our World and the Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Malawi

Malawi is a sub-Saharan country located in south-eastern Africa. Often called “the warm heart of Africa,” it is a land-locked country with borders with Tanzania on its northeast, Zambia to its northwest and Mozambique to its east, south, and west.

To deal with the large influx of refugees coming in from several countries, Dzaleka, Malawi’s largest refugee camp was set up in the highlands of Dowa District, which is 50 km from Lilongwe, the capital city. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) set up Dzaleka refugee camp in 1994 to provide refuge to the large numbers of forcibly displaced people who were fleeing genocide, war, and violence in Rwanda, Burundi, and the D.R. Congo.

Olê, Olê Mister – The Story of Jorge Jesus and Flamengos

The Portuguese boss has demonstrated an unlimited passion for working and for winning in six short months, challenging preexisting ideas, and awakening the sleeping giant of Brazilian soccer. 

Ask any Brazilian what he thinks of Soccer, and his response will tell you how the nation feels about the sport.

Soccer is a fundamental part of Brazil’s culture. This country has won the highest number of World Cups, is the only country to have qualified for every World Cup tournament, and holds the title of the only country which has scored the most goals of all time. It also holds the record for the highest number of consecutive wins in the World Cup play. The sport is enjoyed nationwide and has deep sentimental value for the nationals. Soccer fever is always around in Brazil, especially since Flamengo’s fate was turned around by Jorge Jesus, a Portuguese professional coach who took up the challenge.