Blessing Denied

The young man sat across table from the great Kabbalist who was known for his exceptional piety and unconditional love.

It had taken him a long time to get an appointment to see him. Then again, why shouldn’t there be a line waiting to speak to someone who dispensed – at never any charge – priceless advice and never-fail blessings?

Solomon King of Israel – Marriage or Celibacy

Israel is today a democracy.  In the times of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem it was a theocracy with a King. There were no elections like in Israel today. The King was chosen by a prophet. The first King was King Saul appointed by the prophet Samuel. The son-in-law of Saul and warrior in his army was David who became the successor to King Saul. The son of King David was Solomon who became King at the age of 12 years old and reigned for forty years.

Marriage and Divorce; Gay Marriage

Marriage and divorce is not considered like it used to be.  Marriage used to be considered a sacred bind between two people male and female.  This bind between the two people was reinforced by religion.  The marriage bond between male and female is both legal and emotional.  It demands financial and sexual responsibilities to the spouse which are supported by courts of law.  If any of the two partners refuse to fulfill their responsibility to their partner married under the law, they have the right to request a divorce.  The court judges if there is an obligation to divorce according to the law. 

The laws of religious marriage depend on the code of ethics of their religion, laws of marriage and divorce.  Judaism is very strict to punish a woman for adultery and require divorce.  In Judaism divorce is required to be done by the religious court.  Civil divorce is not accepted in Judaism.  The result of a married couple whose wife commits adultery and she gives birth to a child; this child is considered a Mamzer a bastard and cannot marry another Jew.  The mamzer is no longer part of the congregation to marry within the congregation, but he is still considered a Jew.  A Mamzer who is an observer of Jewish law and a scholar is considered greater than a holy priest that is less observant.  This was the Law of Moses given to the Jewish people.  An adulterous woman or man is punishable by death.  A man according to Jewish law can have more than one wife but a woman is sanctified only to her husband alone.  Today in the Ashkenazic western world also the man is allowed only one wife.

Millennials: Marriage is Paramount

Everyone wishes to have a family. Everyone yearns to have kids, own a gigantic mansion, drift a fleet of classic cars and just be happy in marriage. Yes i said it, be happy in marriage.

Marriage is paramount. Its a phase in life. It’s believed that everyone must get married at some point in life. Whether late or early, your parents will still want grandchildren.

The millennials are not ready for a cuff. They look down upon marriage and see it as a trap. They will only focus their wits on clubbing, trend-setting and lazing on the couch watching movies.

Marriage Tonic: Learn To Say “I am Sorry”

Most couples do find it extremely to say: “I am sorry” when accused of doing something wrong, unexpected or harmful. Instead of tendering unreserved apology, they will be uttering statements that can make them to be justified. Those partners who are sincere and mature will always admit when accused for doing things wrong. Saying, am sorry is a good sign of humility and maturity in marriage! In fact, saying SORRY is a good balm that offers lasting span for successful marriage today. Couples must always be ready to promptly and sincerely ready to tender unreserved apology when accused of any wrong doing if peace will reign in any relationship under heaven. Never proof you are right or wrong, instead, simply say: i am sorry. You will save yourself from terrible or several headaches attached to such ugly situation.