Student’s Problems Related to Integrals and Derivatives

As a science student, I always had tough times doing mathematics, but Integrals and Derivatives were way more fun than doing any other calculus problems. So let’s make it easy and fun for you all out there thinking Integrals and Derivatives are hard to do.

Definition of Derivatives

The Derivative is a way to show the rate of change the amount at which a function is changing at one given point.

A derivative is often written by using dy over dx (difference in y divided by difference in x), d is not a variable hence cannot be canceled.

Can be expressed as:

Mathematics and Religion – Zero and One

Is Zero a number? What is Zero? How is it related to the number One? Is Infinity a number? How is infinity related to the number One and Zero? How are all these numbers related to God? First study a little mathematics.

Mathematicians have delved into the questions above and all have drawn the conclusion that 0 is a number.  Those that once believed that there were only ten numbers without including Zero were mistaken like those that once believed that the sun revolved around the moon. The concept of ten is connected to religion Ten Commandments a ten number system which we all use in our daily lives. Jews also count to seven receiving the Sabbath each week but always the week continues again from 1 – 7 without end. Zero is missing in religion but not in mathematics.  Zero stands between two directions which are positive number +1,+2  0 -1, -2.  Religion does not consider the importance of the other direction it is suppressed.