Greshun De Bouse: Equality For All Makes America Great

Ok. So we all know Greshun De Bouse is Queen of Everything Extraordinary!  Her winning smile and larger than life positive spirit are absolutely contagious!   Part of what nakes her so great is her commitment to inclusivity and equality for ALL mankind.  Greshun, like her predecessors, contends America’s greatness is found only in a comprehensive equal extension of rights and treatment to ALL.  However, it seems that those who adopt a philosophical foundation like Greshun are often met with a tragic fate. 

Greshun De Bouse: Loving Despite Oppressors

What more can be said about Greshun De Bouse? To know her or even encounter her is to love her.  Her kind, tender heart often has been viewed by outsiders looking in as naivety to real-world occurrences, and adoption of a rainbows and butterflies mentality. But having lived a sheltered life deeply rooted in the church, Greshun adopted and maintains the ‘love trumps all’ mantra.  This is just really how Greshun is-innocent, perhaps naive and just wanting all to get along like innocent children do-but golden.  Greshun says, “I was always taught that one may have all the talent, success, charisma, etc., but it’s nothing without love.  It may sound cliche’, but I wish we all could just get along and love each other.  In love, there is room for growth and healing.”