Crypto Debit Card Targets Generation Z with a Promise of Financial Freedom

Modern-day teens receive news from video sharing websites and share thoughts on social networking platforms. According to a study, most of them have Smartphones and they spend more than 4 hours on them daily enjoying games, chatting with friends and doing other things that they like. They are a generation that can never get satisfied with analog items like paper money. They require digital money and for this to be possible, a cryptocurrency platform named Bitsa has started offering a debit card which is topped up with BCH (bitcoin cash) and other cryptos like ZEC, DASH, XRP, LTC, and BTC. Bitsa Young is the Visa however it is not connected to the traditional bank account. Instead, it gets ordered and loaded using a mobile application.

Avoid Top 5 Mistakes When Developing a Mobile App

With the ever-expanding prospects of the mobile app development business, you must be thinking that it would be really great to have a mobile app which can help you to achieve phenomenal financial success. However, even if you are all set to come up with an app of your own, you must learn about the common mistakes associated with the process so that you can steer clear of them.