Fighting Life Battles without Wounds

A gallant soldier is the one that wins a battle without a wound.  If you fight a battle and won with wounds, you may pay for it later. The dangers of having a wound or getting killed are involved in the fights of today. If you must fight any battle in life, strive as much as possible not to get yourself wounded in the process. Having body damage and destruction is a common experience in battles of life. The victims of war can testify to this.

Do Not Dwell on the Past – Embrace This Simple Truth

It really makes no difference how extravagant our hopes and plans for the future may be – sometimes, reality does not play ball and we find ourselves wandering along a path we were not anticipating. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of constantly pushing ourselves to overhaul our lifestyles – we try to start everything over again and improve our finances, health, fitness, love life and routines all in one foul swoop – but this does not always work out, nor is it always the key to finding happiness. Happiness is often found right under our noses – we’re often blinded by our constant need to chase new dreams, and improve our current circumstances, to the extent that we become completely oblivious to the fortune and the happiness we already have within us.

How to Create Better Employee Training

Good employee training is becoming more and more crucial at a time when the labor market is tightening, and many skills taught might not even be applicable or needed in the near future. The skills gap is quickly changing due to the rise of digital automation and innovation!

This is likely one of the reasons why, in the 2018 LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report, 94% of employees said that they “would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career.”

Will Today’s Wisdom Be Relevant Tomorrow?

Life is full of surprises that are too numerous to count. Most of the things we do today are results of decision taken yesterday. Some are good with nice results, while, others are bad with painful outcome!

Whatever we may do, we are bound to experience the outcome of decisions taken at any point in time.

According to the story of the prodigal son as recorded in the Holy Bible, he took a decision to collect is heritage while the father was alive. What a strange decision? It was never done or heard that heritage are apportioned while the owner is still living. Notwithstanding, the prodigal son took a decision that was right In his to own his portion of the wealth earlier than schedule.

To the prodigal son at time moment it was wise and normal. Therefore, he did all to collect the heritage and it was given unto him. But few years later proofed the prodigal son to be unwise because it was recorded that he lavished everything and turned to be so poor. Luke 15:11-19 ( The prodigal son )

How to Build Wealth on a Solid Foundation

As a foundation is important to the creation of a building so also it is to the building of wealth anywhere in the world. Those who are into business don’t handle foundation with levity. An engineer friend of mine once told me when I was executing a project that I must be prepared to spend some funds on the foundation if I don’t want the building to give me unavoidable headache of cracking later. It was from him that I understand that statement: “the deeper the foundation, the higher the building is likely to be.”

To determine whether a building will last just study and evaluate how much effort is expended on constructing the foundation. However, if the foundation is faculty, what will the righteous do? When a lame man carries a load and it appears bent on top, they say, don’t blame him by mere looking at the top but check below. The fault is down not at the top. Most people look at a deformed individual without watching the foundation.

The Joy of Owning a Business

One of the most crucial things a person must own so as to survive economically is a small business or an enterprise. (Life appears better and more enjoyable when you establish a business of your own and operate it successfully). I said somewhere on 5th April, 2008 when presenting a seminar paper on the tips for starting and operating successfully small business that: “if you don’t own a business, you don’t own anything”. No person was bold enough to argue or contest my statement.

Whether you agree or not, you don’t own a business, you don’t own anything and you can’t experience the real joy of owning a business. Yes, whatever we own gives us joy. They make us feel somehow. If you have a good car, you experience the joy attached to owning or riding a good car. If you are saved or born again as a Christian, you experience the joy of salvation. Whatever you have will give you joy. But what you don’t have, you can’t experience the joy of owning it. Therefore, I refer to the joy of owning a business as one of the best joys that an individual can experience. Those who own small businesses like me will agree with that fact. Whereas, those who do not have any business will ignore my statement. Joy is more than joy, some joy are far better.

Why Competitive Eaters Can Teach Us Much More Than Motivational Speakers

Recently I was at a restaurant that had a burger challenge. I was extremely hungry at the time and it looked delicious, so I ordered it. Much to the amazement of my table, I devoured the thing in minutes. Completely devoid of any motivation to win a t-shirt or a picture on the wall, I was simply hungry. This however does not mean I have a calling to be a competitive eater. You can also probably think of an occasion or two when you ate an embarrassing amount of food; despite that not being typical for you…sometimes it just happens. After eating this monstrosity of a burger and feeling quite proud of me, it led to me to contemplating how occasionally accomplishing something is not the same as being driven to pursue a goal.