Indignant Internet Users Plead to Change Law on the Protection of Minors in China

At 3 pm on October 20, 2019, 10-year-old Qi called her mother saying that she had just finished her art class and that she was on the way home. It’s a 15-minute walk. At 3:50 pm, with still no sign of her daughter, Mrs.Wang went out to look for her with family members. At around 7 pm, they found Qi in a bush a few hundred meters away from home, covered in blood and pants off.

Nigeria- Controversial Police Unit Dissolved

Nigerian ’s presidency, Nigeria’s Inspector General of Police, Adamu Mohamed, announced the immediate ban of operations and raids by the unit, at a press conference today in the country’s capital, Abuja. The Nigerian Government ordered the controversial police unit disolved accused of; Brutality after several days of protests, harassment, torture and in some instances murder.

Germany Expells 2 Russian Diplomats – How Will Kremlin Retaliate?

Germany expelled two Russian diplomats due to the murder of  Zelimkhan Khangoshvili, a 40-year-old who fought against Russia in the Second Chechen War and allegedly had links with Georgian intelligence. Khangoshvili and his family made an asylum claim in Germany in 2016, under their new identities secured in Georgia. His asylum was denied in 2017 and it was under appeal at the time of his murder.

Russia, Napoleon, Horrendous Murder and Putin’s Russia

On November 7, professor Oleg Sokolov murdered his live-in girlfriend Anastasia Yeshchenko in St. Petersburg. She was only 24 years old. Sokolov is a Russian historian of the Napoleonic era. He is a Candidate of Historical Sciences and was a Docent of the Department of Modern History, and Faculty of History of Saint Petersburg State University. His scientific and social activities were acknowledged by the Legion of Honour in 2003 by French President Jacques Chirac. The Legion of Honour is the highest French order of merit for military and civil merits, established in 1802 by Napoleon Bonaparte and retained by all later French governments and régimes.

Ex-Con YouTube Star Predicted Epstein ‘Suicide’ – Was It Really A Hit?

In an incredible twist on the Jeffrey Epstein mystery, the host of a YouTube channel predicted his death one week before it actually happened. In the video, it was speculated that Epstein would be murdered in jail and the crime would be covered up to look like a suicide.

Shaun Attwood, a former wealthy UK financier who got tangled up in the Arizona drug culture of the 1990’s, hosts a demonitized YouTube channel which has still managed to attract more than 200,000 subscribers and totals more than 40 million views.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’s Most Gruesome Deaths. Were They All Murders?

Now that Quentin Tarantino’s latest flick, “Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood” is shocking (and awing) millions of devoted fans, gossip columns are bursting with recaps of the Sharon Tate murders by members of the infamous Manson Family during the long, hot “Summer of Love” in August, 1969. There are even guided tours to the murder scene, despite the fact that the house where the ghastly acts were committed was razed and rebuilt years ago.

California Attack; Four People Stabbed to Death, 2 Wounded by Man “Full of Anger”

A brutal series of stabbings and robberies in Southern California left at least four people dead and two seriously wounded on Wednesday afternoon, authorities said. The blood-curdling incident occurred in southeast Los Angeles. According to police, robbery, anger and hatred seem to be the motivations of the suspect, who stole in several places and attacked people randomly.

El Chapo: Life Imprisonment for the Mexican “Drug Emperor”

Today, a Mexican drug tycoon Joaquin Guzman, a 62-year-old,  known as El Chapo, has been sentenced to life in prison. Guzman managed to escape from a Mexican prison through a tunnel in 2015 but was later arrested and handed over to the United States in 2017. Guzman was the leader of the Sinaloa drug trafficking group in northern Mexico, which officials say it was the largest supplier of drugs to the United States.

“Perfect” Chinese Student On the Run, Caught Three Years After Killing His Mother

“This doesn’t look like you. Please show me your real identity document.”

“There’s nothing more to say. I’ll go with you.”

This was the conversation that happened last Sunday (April 21) at Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport, before the police arrested Wu Xieyu, accused of murdering his own mother three years ago and on the run ever since. According to the police, at the time of being caught, Xieyu carried with him more than 30 fake ID cards that he bought online. He was allegedly at the airport sending off the manager at the night club where he worked. It remains unclear if he wanted to be arrested when he decided to enter a high-security airport.