A New Sense of Purpose: Filmmaker Antonio Simmons Offers Up Action Packed Film and Culture with a Touch of Class

Q: When did you know you wanted to make a film?

A: I wrote my first film around 1998. It was called The Last Parole Officer. I kind of knew I had something because a friend wanted to buy it off of me.

Q: You were once in the music industry. What skills do you think you’ve brought with you to the film industry?

A: My father was a drummer; I’m a drummer, my brother is a drummer but he lost it a little bit. Listening to records comes to me naturally. Some producers can’t even dance so how are they going to tell you it’s a hot record? I bring rhythm and I can tell you whether it’s going to be a hit in the hood or around the world. My brain is wired differently than seven people put together. When I hear a person talk, I can see 30-40 different characters in front of me as the person is speaking.

Tim Price Jazz-A-Delic to Perform at Exit Zero Jazz Festival – Nov 9-10

Multi-faceted saxophonist and electric bassoonist Tim Price is comfortable playing a wide range of music, having performed with rock and soul icons like Aretha Franklin, Chuck Berry, Ike Turner, Lloyd Price, Screaming Jay Hawkins and Dr. John as well as jazz greats like Sonny Stitt, Jack McDuff, Don Patterson, Benny Green and Candy Dulfer. He spent years in the trenches with the big bands of Tommy Dorsey (under both Murray McEachern and later Buddy Morrow), Cab Calloway and Harry James. He’s also been part of Ernie Krivda’s Fat Tuesday big band and his bassoon was part of the Lawrence “Butch” Morris Orchestra at the 2004 Vision Festival in New York City. A veteran of the jazz organ bar circuit, Price has also been comfortable jamming with Lynyrd Skynyrd and Bob Weir’s Ratdog.

Serhat – Sing Na,Na (Song Review) – Secular and Religious Clash in Israel

The song Sing Na Na written and sung by Serhat of San Marino is inspiring.  He has added emotions and beauty to music.  In his music video which was introduced in Israel at the Eurovision Song Contest he combines music, dance, beauty, love, children, and with lyrics which open the heart and soul to life and joy. He offers a simple solution for all the problems of life to Say Na, Na Na, which means be like a child, a child of God a child of life.

Digital Audio Workstation Market Surging

According to a new market research report ”Digital Audio Workstation Market by Type (Recording, Editing, Mixing), End User (Professional/Audio Engineers and Mixers, Electronic Musicians, Music Studios), Component, Deployment Model, Operating Systems, and Region – Global Forecast to 2023″, published by MarketsandMarkets™, The digital audio workstation market size is expected to grow from $2.0 billion in 2018 to $3.1 billion by 2023, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 9.2% during the forecast period.

2019 Music News: Exzavier Whitley

Recently, singer-songwriter and Denver artist Exzavier Whitley has been up to lots of things. One of his most recent feats is his newest creation of a brand new gaming entertainment company Titled OneThrone Gaming which features gameplay of various titles, commentary and all things gamer. Very interestingly, the parent company of his new Onethrone Gaming platform is OneThrone Productions LLC which he also owns and operates himself!

Don’t Count Out the Underdog, Carté Blanche from Chop Akachi is Here!

Midwest artist by the name of Chop Akachi releases his 2nd EP in a little over a year (Carté Blanche) on May 10th and check this out: “it’s not that bad.”

Now let’s take into consideration that this is a independent release with a smaller budget than a label release, so there’s some noticeable differences especially with mix & audio quality (although not horrible but not yet commercial ready either).

Hip-Hop Gave Me Purpose — Now It Helps My Students Find Their Voice

Some time ago, I began wondering what the point of life was. Looking inward was something I struggled with, and I didn’t feel well supported. When I sat in my chair, bumping hip-hop music, feeling depression while my child cried, I believed at the time my life was going to be mediocre.

I became a father as a teenager, and to manage my psychological pain I began to write my feelings down in a small notebook that walked with me everywhere I went. Tupac Shakur became my first mentor and teacher. He gave me access to passion and vision that would help me heal and work through my mental health issues. I would often find myself listening to 2Pac and writing my rage on each sheet of paper that would accept my ink.

Exzavier Whitley’s Upcoming 2019 Releases

Recently Denver Singer-Songwriter Exzavier Whitley has been building up a huge catalogue with music, recording for two albums and lyric videos as well as managing his self owned label Onethrone Productions LLC. This year he releases a new alternative version track on SoundCloud titled “Keeps Me Awake” and a brand new video that drops this year. Also releasing brand new Onethrone Productions LLC clothing and gaming channel,and a brand new lyric video and track “Another Day Goes By”dropping the second week of February. A lot of content coming from Exzavier in 2019 and you don’t want to miss this!

Exzavier Whitley Officially Partners with Sonorous Records

Exciting news in the music scene this week as Denver, Colorado Singer-Songwriter Exzavier Whitley officially released his single “Just Hold On” through his brand new licensing and distribution deal with Sonorous Records in Toronto, Canada! Denver Singer-Songwriter Exzavier Whitley recently just finished up yet another brand new lyric video for the upcoming track “Back It Up” as a part of his exclusive YouTube Music Video releases which includes 4 brand new tracks from his upcoming 2 albums “Page 1” and “Oppressed” respectively Along with the more songs and tracks coming up! He has recently moved back to Denver, Colorado from being in Los Angeles, California performing and recording for his new albums. Upon his return Exzavier will be releasing more musical content and has also started up his own clothing line produced by his self owned record label OneThrone Productions LLC with his own custom hats and shirts designed by himself in the works as well as soon to be performing in Denver Colorado upon his album. 

Exzavier Whitley Makes Appearance at “Anabolic Life” Movie Premier 2018

Singer-songwriter and artist Exzavier Whitley recently made a special appearance at the Rivera 31 hotel in Beverly Hills London Levine Pictures Red Carpet event for the official launch party and movie premier for upcoming film “Anabolic Life“. While not appearing in the film Exzavier still managed to kill the scene in his regular day clothes for the VIP red carpet event. Celebrities that were attendance included Sophie Simmons, Daniel Baldwin, as well as Alec Baldwin and Lou Ferrigino Jr. who also star in the film. Big moves are coming with Exzavier Whitley and is already touching the surface of the Hollywood World. Could this mean possible film work as well as two albums and music videos in the making for Exzavier? 2018 is looking like a step forward for this upcoming singer!

Exzavier Whitley is taking California and Music by storm in 2018!

Recently, Singer-songwriter Exzavier Whitley has been working on exclusive Youtube lyric and music video content for his upcoming two acoustic albums “Oppressed”and “Page 1” behind the scenes. Also, we’ve seen that Exzavier has been doing more live appearances and performances in Los Angeles and Long Beach as well in this great time in 2018! He has two upcoming shows in Long Beach, California one of them consisting of the infamous Royal Cup Cafe where Exzavier Whitley’s performance of his upcoming and recently recorded song “I Still Stand” was recorded. It has been viewed over 1000 times on host Tieoma Goss’ Facebook page! More live content, shows, appearances, photos, videos, and songs from Exzavier Whitley are coming in hot! Be on the lookout!

Exzavier Whitley