Egyptian Expert Praises Emirates Experience in Facing Extremist Organizations

Professor Munir Adeeb, an expert in extremist movements and international terrorism in the Arab Republic of Egypt, praised the UAE’s experience in facing extremist organizations, foremost of which is the Muslim Brotherhood. He called on the international community to take advantage of this unique experience and build on it and try circulate it in a way that suits the rest of societies. They must also realize the nature of Islamic organizations and confront them by confronting the mother group, the Muslim Brotherhood.

Egyptians Take to the Streets in Rare Protests Against Sisi

A number of Egyptian political parties and groups— including the Muslim Brotherhood— supported protests on Saturday, following a series of other street protests in various Egyptian cities against President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. At the same time, Human Rights Watch called on the Egyptian government to refrain from suppressing protests and repeating “past violence.” The organization also called on Egyptian judicial authorities to release the arrested protesters as soon as possible.

Egyptian Independence Days Celebrated in Israel – 1952 and 2013

Egypt celebrated Independence Day on July 11 the 66th year when Egypt became a republic. Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Riblin of Israel attended celebrations at the Egyptian embassy. Egypt is a peaceful neighbor of Israel since the peace treaty of 1979. Netanyahu spoke that they are working forward toward expanding the Gas line from Israel to Egypt and their commitments to prosperity security and peace in the Middle East.