Coronavirus: 11 New Cases, 15 Recovered, in Kenya

Health Minister Mutahi Kagwe has announced that fifteen patients who were suffering from the coronavirus in Kenya have recovered within the past 24 hours. This number is the largest reported so far, and thus reaches a total number of 40 people. However, eleven other people have been diagnosed with the virus in the country, and have increased the number of infections to 208 people.

Coronavirus: Kagwe Cites Lack of Discipline, Opposition Calls for Lockdown, as Cases Increase

Kenyan Health Minister Mutahi Kagwe announced nine new cases of coronavirus Tuesday, with the number of infected reaching 25. Kagwe said that among the new cases, seven were Kenyans while the other two were foreigners. He also accused Kenyans of exercising poor discipline, a behavior that is a blow in efforts to combat coronavirus infections.