Movies That Tricked Audiences Into Thinking They Were Real – Were You Fooled?

Believe it or not, web surfers have actually turned to Google to ask if certain movies are real or not. It’s not unusual that some naive (or clueless) movie goers were convinced that what they saw on the screen were either “lost scenes” or illegally produced footage of real crimes, up to and including murder. But, we are usually let in on the joke. Here are a bunch of movies in which their creators intentionally fooled the audience into thinking the action was real – and it worked.

Orson Welles himself would be proud…

Little Known Facts About Batman – When Will the Next Movie Open?

Now that we know that the dude who played the vampire in the Twilight series (Robert Pattinson) will be the next Batman, expect to withstand a tsunami of speculation and hype rolling up to the movie’s release in June, 2021.

Few film franchises have met with the critical and audience acclaim paid to the Dark Knight trilogy, and for good reason. The story starts at the fabled “Bat-Man” beginnings and continues into the present day and beyond. For a tale stretching back 80 years, it’s no surprise that the legend continues to build. Still, there is much about the myth that most fans are not aware of. Here are a few tantalizing tidbits to tide us over until the Dark Knight returns…

Eccentric English Critic Talks LA Municipal Artwork – Meet Professor Knestor Jackdaws (VIDEO)

A visiting UK Art Critic, Professor Knestor Jackdaws, takes a tour of some of LA’s outdoor municipal artwork and contrasts two prominent examples. One makes the cut, and the other… mutts the cake? You get the idea…

Professor Jackdaws, who some say fits the classic mold of the English Eccentric, is nonetheless renowned as a world-class art critic who has posted dozens of videos on YouTube, lending his opinion to, and considerable acumen on, historic and contemporary works of art in settings all around the globe.

Dietary Do’s And Don’ts For Kids Diagnosed With ADHD – How Can Parents Help Beyond Medication?

Whether or not ADHD (Attention Deficit-Hyperactive Disorder) is a made-up condition doesn’t seem to matter to the millions of doctors prescribing powerful psychotropic drugs to a whole new generation of Ritalin-addicted third graders. But, what about when the kids get the munchies? Here are some dietary Do’s and Don’ts for children diagnosed with ADHD that may keep this modern scourge (which used to be called hyperactivity) under control and help kids shut up, sit down and pay attention. Now, where were we?

Fast Food Workers Reveal What You Should Never Order – Once Again, Reddit Leads the Way

We have all learned that Reddit can be an invaluable resource for all kinds of news and information. But, perhaps it’s most useful for unvarnished truth-telling. Here are some comments from Redditors who have worked the other side of the counter at some famous fast food chain restaurants. If you think your biggest worry is employees spitting in your food (or, Yikes! – much worse!) what they have to say may make some customers swear off fast food for good. Let’s just call it “The Reddit Diet.

Bill Hader: Time Traveler? SNL Comedy Star Has Been Killing For Over 150 Years! [PHOTO/VIDEO]

Bill Hader is one of the funniest and most sought after actors in show business today. But just 15 years ago, only Hollywood insiders knew of his many talents, including stand-up comedy, comedy writer, voice actor, celebrity impressionist, hilarious comedic performer and fine dramatic actor.

How does one man as young as Bill Hader (he allegedly just turned 41) learn the skills needed to be such a well-rounded, highly-gifted entertainer delivering at a level seemingly so far beyond his years?

Is it because he’s a Time Traveling Immortal?

It seems to be the only reasonable explanation for Hader’s incredible talents, which are rarely learned during the course of the average single lifespan of less than 100 years. Of course, there are exceptions, but there has never been a verifiable case of anyone, man or woman, living beyond 120 or so. Especially in show business. Let’s face it, George Burns almost didn’t make his 100th birthday party and Bob Hope spent his last days begging to be put out of his misery.

But, if this theory (catching on as we speak) holds any water, Bill Hader has been around for at least 153 years. Maybe even more.

Looking closely at the side-by-side photo comparison above, it’s obvious Bill Hader bears an uncanny resemblance to a man who was photographed in 1865, during the early days of photography. In fact, the similarity is easily explained when it’s taken for granted that both are one and the same guy! And, it seems both are wearing the same shirt. Only by passing through a Time Portal can one ensure that a cotton, long-sleeve pullover would hold up so well after more than 15 decades of constant and punishing wash and wear.

And, if further proof is needed, Hader showed off his chameleon-like, time-traveling skill recently in a YouTube video, proving he’s able to morph at the drop of a hat and “become” other famous celebrities (Tom Cruise, Seth Rogen, etc.) through face transformation and spot-on voice impressions.

Check it out:

Who else but a Time Traveling Immortal could hope to pull off that mind-blowing trick? Except for, maybe, Nicolas Cage? Remember “Face Off“? No? Well, that’s okay. You can take our word for it.

But, for such a self-“effacing” man (get it? efFACEing? Pretty clever, huh?) Bill Hader does have his pride to consider. He wouldn’t expose himself as a Time Traveler if his earlier incarnation was just some loser posing for Matthew Brady’s dry cleaning guy, apparently the error of judgement Immortal Vampire Nicolas Cage fell victim to. No, Bill Hader made sure, more than 150 years ago, that he was a very famous man of his own time, and just as sought after as he is today.

That would be none other than Lewis Powell, one of the co-conspirators in the Abraham Lincoln assassination plot hatched in 1865 by none other than the Bill Hader of his day, John Wilkes Booth.

Thus, providing overwhelming and definitive proof that Time Traveling Immortal Bill Hader has been knocking ’em dead for a long, long, loooooong time.

What do you think? 

Is Bill Hader the guy who almost bumped off US Secretary of State William H. Seward way back in 1865? Has he traveled to our present day in order to escape the bad publicity gained by his nefarious deeds of so long ago? Should Mike Pompeo be looking over his shoulder right about now?

Please let us know with a comment below!

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Alternative Health Therapies That Don’t Really Work – Was Grandma Totally Wrong?

Like the old saying goes, you’ve got everything if you’ve got your health. And most people will do anything to keep it. Especially if Grandma says it worked in her day. Turns out, old people don’t know what they’re talking about either. Here are some health myths that have been proven to be completely wrong.

And (mostly) hilarious…

Eat Breakfast To Lose Weight

The theory is, if you’re full you can have a light lunch and a well-balanced dinner. It actually does work. Unfortunately, it’s all the junk food you fill up on in between that’s really making you fat…

It turns out Grandma was right about one thing in the old days: Milk was a good source of calcium and promoted healthy bone growth. Not any more. These days, cattle diets include antibiotics and other nasty stuff not necessarily healthy for the human body. Got Milk? Not as much as we used to…

All-White Omelettes Lower Cholesterol

Pure bunk. In fact, egg yolks are rich in Omega-3s, which prevent the risk of heart disease. So, THAT’S why the Lunch Lady always gives you dirty looks…

Take Multivitamins Daily

Actually, you should get most of the daily vitamins you need with a regular, well-balanced diet of meats, fruits, vegetables and whole grains. And (like everyone who gulps down vitamin pills like they were Pez) plenty of nuts…

Don’t Give Kids Sugary Sweets

It makes them hyper. In reality, that’s not why it’s bad for them, since it’s been proven that sugar doesn’t make kids act out. Too much sugar (unavoidable in a processed food diet) is bad for EVERYBODY. It’s the adults that are driving kids crazy…

Avoid Colds by Staying Warm

Being cold doesn’t give you a cold. Germs give you a cold. And, most germs are inside soaking up the warm air. So, go ahead, take that skiing trip. Or, spring for that Arctic air conditioner you’ve been dreaming of and chill out on the couch. Binge watching Netflix shows about ski trips. But, if you DO catch cold…

Beware Green Mucous

Clear snot, good. Green snot, bad. Wrong. Greenish mucous is not a sign you’re coming down with deadly flu. It means your body is fighting a common cold in its own, healthy way. Also, it’s a good time to get even with the Lunch Lady…

Exercise is over-rated. Well, strenuous exercise at least. Light aerobic exercise is good for heart health. And, walking is the best routine exercise for most people, unless you can take a daily dip in the pool. Now, walking on water? Well, that’s a different story entirely…

Coffee Enemas Are Good For You

First off, Ewww? Whoever started this rumor was just looking for a good butt buzz. The tip-off? That chain of coffee enema shops popping up all over, driving up rents and bringing in a wave of Hipster Doofuses. Thanks Starbutts…

Drink 8 Cups Of Water A Day

Most of the water we need we get from our food. Drinking 8 cups daily only chains you to the nearest bathroom at work, ensuring you don’t stray far from your desk at your struggling start-up firm. In the fancy bottled water company that started this silly rumor. What goes around, comes around. Which, of course, leads to…

Avoid Touching The Toilet Seat

Actually, it may be the only surface in the bathroom that’s been scrubbed clean lately. You’re much more likely to get sick fingering that funky chrome water faucet. Or the urinal flush lever. Either way, just use a paper towel, wash your hands and get back to work.

And, don’t forget to jiggle the thingy…

Do you know some old-timey health tips which turned out to be completely wrong?

Let us know with a comment below!

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Ex-Con YouTube Star Predicted Epstein ‘Suicide’ – Was It Really A Hit?

In an incredible twist on the Jeffrey Epstein mystery, the host of a YouTube channel predicted his death one week before it actually happened. In the video, it was speculated that Epstein would be murdered in jail and the crime would be covered up to look like a suicide.

Shaun Attwood, a former wealthy UK financier who got tangled up in the Arizona drug culture of the 1990’s, hosts a demonitized YouTube channel which has still managed to attract more than 200,000 subscribers and totals more than 40 million views.

Strangest Unsolved Mysteries of The Human Body – How Are We Walking Around in These Things?

Throughout history, the human race has made some great advances in biology, with significant scientific discoveries proved by intuitive logic, successful hypothesizing and irrefutable empirical evidence. And, oh yeah. Just plain old dumb luck. Still, some mysteries of the human body have yet to be solved.

Here are some of the last remaining few…

The Old-time ‘Snake Oil Salesman’ is Making a Comeback – Is the Internet to Blame?

We’ve all seen the Old West movies and TV shows in which a well dressed gentleman rides into town plying his wares and touting a “Miracle Cure” elixir guaranteed to relieve all health maladies. Invariably, the tincture is nothing more than cheap, watered-down whiskey mixed with something sugary to make the “medicine” go down easier. In the long run, the only benefit is a rip-roaring drunken night, followed by a massive hangover.

Professions That Can Make You Filthy Rich – Hitting The Books Can Pay Off – Big Time

Are you determined to earn an education in a technical field rather than, say, with an English or Arts degree? While those sheepskins can lead to highly lucrative professional rewards, it’s not surprising that some of the best paying careers are in the Computer Science and Healthcare fields.  Here is a list of 12 well-paying jobs that could make you filthy rich by the time you’re ready for early retirement, after extensive educational requirements have been fulfilled.. But, to have a chance at amassing a small fortune over the next 20 years or so, you’ll have to earn it the old fashioned way: Going heavily into student loan debt…

What NOT To Do If Pulled Over By The Police – Don’t Turn A Routine Traffic Stop Into Something Worse

At some point, most drivers get pulled over by the cops. How they react can be the difference between getting home in time for the evening news and being the lead story. Most of the time, the encounters end with the driver going away with just a ticket, Or, better yet, a warning. But, sometimes, things can go much worse. Here is a list of things you should do if you’re ever pulled over by police. Unless you’re like, a serial killer or something…

The NASA Curiosity Rover Discovers PVC-Type Object. Is There Pipe on Mars? (PHOTO)

An image recently returned to NASA by the Curiosity Rover appears similar to (for lack of a better description) PVC-style plumbing pipe found here on Earth. Is it evidence of an advanced civilization which went extinct somewhere in the deep history of Mars? The photo, reproduced and enlarged in the picture above, shows a distinctly pipe-like shape inconsistent with the surrounding rocks and unusual for its lengthy, rounded and ramrod-straight form and appearance. In other words, it doesn’t look like it belongs there.

Theratechnologies Bonds, Short Term, High Yield, Fixed Income Investment, Yielding 8% YTM

This week, Durig Capital looks to a Canadian issuer, a specialty pharmaceutical company that is successfully treating long-term HIV patients with its unique medicines so that patients have the opportunity to have a better quality of life. Theratechnologies (TSX:TH) has two landmark drugs, Trogarzo™ and EGRIFTA™ specifically developed to help HIV patients. The company has reported its second quarter results (for the three months ending May 31, 2019) and continues to see outstanding growth over its product lines.

‘Wobbly’ UFO Filmed Over Mexico. Do Aliens Drive Drunk? (Video)

A UFO video posted to YouTube on August 3rd, 2019 (below), shows an unidentified flying object hovering over the skies of Mexico as witnesses comment and chuckle in the background. What’s so funny? Unlike most UFO sightings, this strange aircraft is reeling crazily in the air, wobbling and dipping up and down and side to side as though the pilot has lost control of the ship.

99 Cents Only Stores Update – Restructuring News

This week, Durig Capital provides a brief update on 99 Cents Only Stores LLC, a deep discount retailer whose bonds we have reviewed in the past for our Fixed Income 2 (FX2) High Yield Managed Income Portfolio. 99 Cents Only Stores has recently been challenged by its outstanding debt obligations. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Deep discount retailer 99 Cents Only Stores recently completed an arrangement with creditors which would eliminate many of their short term debt obligations.

  • Debt to equity swaps are a common method  companies use to improve liquidity.

  • Under the newly agreed upon terms, 99 Cents Only Stores will issue common and preferred stock for some of its outstanding debt.

 Recent Financial Statements

The Future of Abortion in America

For centuries abortion has been a topic of discussion and debate. Over the years the act of aborting a fetus has been labeled many things, a mortal sin, a basic right, an act of murder, a woman’s choice.

In the 1970’s we reached a crossroads as a country regarding abortion, and in 1973 the debate over abortion made its way to the Supreme Court of the United States. The case originated when Norma McCorvey, identified as Jane Roe for her protection, instituted a federal action against the district attorney of Dallas County, Texas, regarding a set of Texas statutes that, in most cases, criminalized abortion.

The News Media is Eroding American Democracy

The media, specifically the news media, is the cornerstone of a strong democracy. Not only does the media keep voters informed, but it also keeps elected officials and bureaucrats accountable. However the media must be held to an incredibly high standard, because if the media succumbs to sensationalism or bias, it becomes a danger to democracy.

It is sad to say that the American media seems to be headed down that path. The Cable News Network (CNN), once a symbol of journalistic integrity, seems to have now become, in the eyes of many, a symbol of partisan reporting. A recent Harvard study found that CNN’s coverage of the Trump administration was 93 percent negative.

Exzavier Whitley’s Upcoming 2019 Releases

Recently Denver Singer-Songwriter Exzavier Whitley has been building up a huge catalogue with music, recording for two albums and lyric videos as well as managing his self owned label Onethrone Productions LLC. This year he releases a new alternative version track on SoundCloud titled “Keeps Me Awake” and a brand new video that drops this year. Also releasing brand new Onethrone Productions LLC clothing and gaming channel,and a brand new lyric video and track “Another Day Goes By”dropping the second week of February. A lot of content coming from Exzavier in 2019 and you don’t want to miss this!