Terrorist Ambush in Western Niger Kills 14 Troops

Fourteen troops have been killed when heavily-armed terrorists ambushed a convoy in the western region of Tillaberi, Niger, the interior ministry said. “After a fierce battle . . . seven police and seven national guards were killed . . . a guard has been listed as missing.” The ministry added in a statement that “the enemy” suffered many losses, although it did not give details.

71 Soldiers Killed in Attack on Niger Army Base

An ambush by suspected Islamic militants in a military base in western Niger has left more than 70 soldiers dead. Twelve soldiers were injured in the attack that is said to be the deadliest in the region in living memory. Niger’s Defense Minister, Issoufou Katambe, said that there was a fierce battle after around 700 militants attacked the military base in Inates, near the border with Mali. “Sadly, we regret to announce the following toll: 71 military personnel killed, 12 injured. Other missing,” the Defense Ministry said in a statement aired on national television.