States, Fans Go All In on Sports Gambling

On Friday, North Carolina became the seventeenth state to legalize sports gambling.  Gov. Roy Cooper signed the measure, which will allow wagering at two tribal casinos in the western part of the state.  Unlike other states, mobile wagering will not be permitted.  Also, unlike other states sports betting laws for example NJ online sports betting laws, it will allow bets on college teams from North Carolina, much to the delight of Tar Heel and Blue Devil fans.  Since the Supreme Court allowed states to legalize sports gambling, the industry has crawled out of the shadows and grown by leaps and bounds.

Greedy American Fisherman – Boating Safety Ignored in NC

Participants in a North Carolina fishing tournament Saturday hurriedly rushed to the fishing grounds ignoring the “No Wake” warning sign near a boat ramp launch area. One man on the floating dock had to hold on tightly to avoid getting thrown in the water as waves from the boats caused the dock to rock wildly.

The boats had passed just by twenty minutes earlier headed south along the Intracoastal Waterway past the Sunset Beach NC boat ramp area toward Bird Island. The group obviously got some information to turn back north — with about 20 of their boats – some of them having three motors on their stern – traveling from 30-60 m.p.h. past the ramp with a man there who was to be picked up by friends in another boat.

Fortunately no other boats were unloading or loading at the ramp at the time of the waves beating against the loading dock.

Often this water area is patrolled by Brunswick County law enforcement, who chases boat owners down on jet skis and hands out warning tickets, but there were not in sight today.
I’m not sure what tournament this was but there were a lot of boats with fishing decals on their sides: it certainly wouldn’t be worth causing someone to drown or get seriously hurt in the process, as what nearly happened to the lone person on the dock.

Many of the boats were obviously sponsored by commercial interests, with company logos on the sides depicting outdoor gear for fishing. Nearly all the boats were 16 feet or longer for deep sea fishing and travel, with a multitude of rods in the holders on the back of the boats.

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