Maduro Opts Out of Peace Dialogue in Barbados in Protest of US Sanctions

The Venezuelan government has officially distanced itself from participating in the new round of talks with the opposition held in Barbados, the Caribbean. The mediation efforts are being spearheaded by Norway, and initially scheduled to take place on Thursday (today) and Friday. The late Wednesday decision by the Maduro Government came a day after the United States announced sanctions on individuals and companies negotiating with the Venezuelan Government.

Norway Detects Radiation Leak From Soviet Nuclear Submarine

Norway has detected a radiation level 800,000 times greater than normal in the sinking of a Russian military submarine. The Soviet-era vessel sank in the Norwegian Sea in 1989, when a fire on board killed 42 sailors.

The Norwegian team’s analysis showed radioactive cesium leaking from a ventilation tube on the submarine, called Komsomolets. According to Hilde Elise Heldal researcher, the problem is not alarming for the time being, as Arctic waters rapidly dilute radioactive material. Komsomolets is also located in a very deep sea, at 1680m deep, and there are few fish in the area, says Heldal.