Connected Streets – Coming to a Road Near You

Yippi-hoo! My neighborhood’s getting a connected street. I’m sure I’m supposed to do a happy dance. Maybe I should offer my heartfelt thanks to city planners. Except, when I first heard about this 11 million dollar project, I had no idea what it was or how it would actually help me!

I did what every curious, post-modern citizen must: I took a Google-dive. I read fantastic company produced blogs complete with slick Youtube videos. My fun-factor spun out of control. I knew I was feasting on marketing hype. So, armed with a new vocabulary, I set out to understand what’s really happening in my neighborhood.

For Columbus, Ohio, Transit Equity is Difficult to Achieve

Once Upon a Time, Cash was King

In the old days, real people sold transit tickets and riders paid with cash. Eventually, transit authorities installed ticket vending machines that accepted cash along with plastic payment devices. Bank accounts, credit cards, and smartphones weren’t necessary.

Urban transit served all riders equally – but no more.

The New Urban Transit Landscape Limits Use

How Columbus, Ohio Delivers Multi-modal Transportation to Disadvantaged Residents

Cities across the US are transforming their transit landscapes. Gone are the days of automobile preference and public transit limitation. For-profit mobility providers are deploying car-share, ride-hailing, and micro-transit eScooter and eBike rentals, all accessible via smartphone apps and paid for electronically.

A critical question remains: how can urban transit transformation bring all residents into a new, more flexible world.

City Establishes Control Over Multi-modal Mobility Access

Columbus, Ohio is establishing control over access to publicly available transportation options through its newly launched Pivot app. The app enables users to plan trips using public transit, eScooters, eBikes, car- and van-pooling, and taxi services through a single gateway.

In 2020, the city expects to offer trip payment, simplifying the multiple service booking process and extending services to cash only travelers.

Racketeering Lawsuit Allowed to Proceed in Ohio

When Khashayar Saghafi’s aging mother was appointed a guardian by the Lorain County Probate Court, he never dreamed that it would result in a racketeering lawsuit and the divorce of his parents. But that’s exactly what happened. In response, Saghafi moved the Lorain County Probate Court this week to remove the guardians who forced his 85 year old mother, Fourough Bakhtiar [Saghafi], to divorce after 60 years of marriage.

Nine Shootings in Ohio, a Few Hours After El Paso Attack

Nine people were killed towards Sunday morning following a shooting in Dayton, Ohio, police said Sunday morning. The attack happened a few hours after a shooting in Texas, which led to a loss of 20 lives.  “The attacker is dead, there are nine others persons dead, and at least 16 others have been hospitalized due to the injuries that they sustained,” the police said on Twitter. Addressing a press conference earlier on Sunday, Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley spoke of a larger number of 27 injured.

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