Pandemic Business Trends That Should Be Here to Stay

Thankfully, it seems that the Covid-19 pandemic (and all of its unpleasant results) is finally beginning to calm down. While restrictions remain in place for many parts of the country, we are seeing the beginning of the end. For businesses of all kinds, this little crisis has certainly forced some new adaptations. We think that a few of those adaptations are worth keeping.

Another Trump Impeachment Trial in America

On February 9, 2021 our country went through the emotional trauma of another Trump impeachment trial and we witnessed Republican members of our senate (who themselves were victims of the frightening events of the insurrection on January 6th in the capitol) find ex-president Trump not guilty not because they believed he wasn’t guilty, but because of their own fear and concern for their political futures and also because of the excuse that he was no longer president- – an excuse which was proven to be legally invalid.

Life in a Pandemic – Are Glasses Wearers Really Better Protected From COVID?

We may be accustomed to using glasses to keep our eyesight healthy, but according to some researchers, our spectacles could play a key role in providing some extra protection against the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s now been a year since we first began donning masks in a bid to stem the spread of the devastating novel Coronavirus. For many glasses wearers, the past twelve months have been punctuated by the inconvenience of misty lenses and visual difficulties as eyewear proved to be more than just a little bit tricky to wear alongside masks.

Chinese Young People Rush Into National Civil Service Examination in Hope of Stability

Having graduated from one of the best universities in China, Na still hasn’t found a job in six months. “Sometimes I even think about becoming a waitress. But my family wouldn’t allow me. It’s a disgrace for their reputation. But here in Xinjiang, there are barely any good job offers.” Finding no better way out, she signed up for the next National Civil Service Examination (NCSE), which led to a second problem: should she sign up for a training course?

What I Learned While Traveling to 20 Cities Throughout America During a Pandemic

What I learned while traveling to 20 cities during the pandemic of 2020? I think the first thing I noticed was how normal everyone yearned to be by sometimes giving themselves the mindset of “This is just like a flu; we can get through it”. Oftentimes I would hear flight attendants make jokes like, we probably already had it” to give them self-confidence and courage to keep going.

Unexpected Budget Woes in Wyoming

The state of Wyoming is finding itself in a vulnerable position in funding its government and the problem has accelerated, according to a recent report from one of the state’s newspapers. The Cheyenne Post and The Center Square both reported that the Wyoming Transportation Department (WYNDOT) faces a shortcoming in their budget and it is triple what they had once expected it to be. That projection has state officials and leaders worried and questioning the tax structure in the state tied to the limitations of certain private industries: mineral and gas extraction namely.

Retaliation, Raging in the Federal Workplace Amid the Pandemic

Long before the pandemic plagued the nation, retaliation plagued federal workers. To bring relief to public servants wrongfully punished for exposing unlawful agency wrongdoing, on May 15, 2002, President Bush signed the Notification and Federal Employee Antidiscrimination and Retaliation (No FEAR) Act of 2002 into law. No FEAR law is to increase federal agency accountability for acts of discrimination or reprisal against employees.

How to Manage a Non-Profit During a Pandemic

As global events go, the Coronavirus pandemic is the kind of once-in-a-generation challenge that can test the mettle of even the sturdiest business. For non-profits, especially, COVID-19 has presented some unique obstacles to traditional management methods. Fortunately, there are ways to steer the ship of your company towards calmer waters even in the face of stormy seas and intimidating crosswinds. Here are just a few great methods for managing your non-profit during this tough time and come away better for the experience.

Trump and RNC put Pressure on North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper to Adress Whether the Party will be Allowed to Proceed with Their Convention in November

Earlier last week President Trump said he needed a decision from North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper as to whether the Republican National Convention could proceed as scheduled. Trump told reporters in the White House that, “We need a fast decision from the governor. He’s been acting very, very slowly and very suspiciously, but we’ll find out. We’re talking about a very short period of time. . . . I would say within a week that certainly we have to know. if he can’t do it, if he feels he’s not going to do it, all he has to do is tell us. And then we’ll have to pick another location. And I tell you a lot of locations want it.”

Trump Attacks WHO and China

Last month President Trump announced that he would be freezing funding to the World Health Organization (WHO) due to their misinformation and pro-China bias concerning the recent coronavirus pandemic. When the virus initially appeared in Wuhan WHO praised China’s handling of the situation and commended China’s “transparency” even as it was becoming evident that China had silenced whistleblowers and journalists.

Wow! A Mask That Neutralizes Coronavirus

Coronavirus continues to be the main topic of discussions on the news and social media. Currently, there are over 5 million cases and over 330,000 deaths around the globe. Meanwhile, scientists have developed a tissue that denies the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus the ability to enter cells. This effect is caused by a weak electric field generated by the material in the presence of moisture. Now the researchers are going to get approval from regulatory authorities and start producing masks. The development is expected to be commercially produced by Vomaris Inc.

“We Still Need Justice” Says NJ Transit Victim’s Disable Mother – Is Governor Ignoring Deaths of Victims Killed By Bus Drivers?

This is the life of a disabled mother suffering from the death of her only child, who was purposely killed by NJ Transit bus/ Coach USA deadly bus driver! The tragedy of it all has led to an emotional battle for the mother.

Want to know what it feels like to have your son’s death case forgotten by the prosecutor’s office during this pandemic? Is it quite disheartening? She no longer has the help to get around to a doctor’s appointment or even the ability to buy food during the coronavirus (Covid-19) quarantine, which is stressful, a grieving mother says.

Strange Fires in Russian Hospitals Treating Patients with Coronavirus

In the past month, there are series of strange hospital events resulting in deaths reported in Russia. The epicenter seems to be Moscow, St. Petersburg and surrounding areas. On May 9th in Moscow Hospital #50, a fire broke out in the ICU treating coronavirus patients. One woman on a ventilator died and over 300 people had to be evacuated. At the time, the cause of fire was suspected to be a Russian Made Aventa-M ventilator.

New Calculator Can Calculate Your Coronavirus Risk of Death

Currently, there are over 4.2 million cases of coronavirus and over 286,000 deaths around the world. As economies start to re-open around the globe, a second wave of coronavirus continues to be a possibility. China just reported new cases, including 3 in Wuhan.  Coronavirus was first observed  in Wuhan in the fall of 2019. There is still no vaccine or specific protocol to treat patients with the virus.

Coronavirus is Back in Wuhan

China has been boasting that the coronavirus pandemic is no longer a threat. The Chinese government claimed that China had zero new cases until now. It has been previously reported that as of April 24 all patients have been discharged from the hospitals. Russia joined in on the Chinese  propaganda campaign meant to showcase the highly executed protocols by the Chinese government in response to the virus containment.

Coronavirus in Nicaragua – Numbers vs the News

The situation in Nicaragua and the measures implemented to date against the Covid-19 are very different from the US ones. The Central American country did not announce its first case of coronavirus until March 18. But the government had already been widely questioned for contradicting international health recommendations to avoid crowds by calling a citizen march called “Love in times of Covid-19” a few days before.

STUDY: There Are Now 30 Coronavirus Mutations and a Connection to Vitamin D

New research by Indonesian scientists claims there are 30 different mutations of the disease strain Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome-coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). Currently, there are over 3.7 million infected and over 258,000 deaths around the world. There is a race around the globe to create a vaccine against COVID-19. The US just announced human trials of the new vaccine. However, a trial stage does not mean the vaccine is effective yet.

BREAKING: Is Chinese Intelligence Behind Murder of Researcher in US on Brink of Coronavirus Breakthrough?

The news broke that a Chinese researcher working at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center was murdered on May 2. He was apparently on the brink of big breakthrough pertaining to the coronavirus. He was murdered by a fellow Chinese national, who committed suicide after the murder. The deceased has been identified as Dr Bing Liu and was only 37 years old.

This Is Not the First Time China Caused a Global Pandemic – What Are the Parallels to 1977?

Coronavirus continues to be the main topic of discussions around the world. Currently, there are over 3.3 million infected and over 234,000 deaths around the globe. US intelligence agencies are investigating  the origin of the Coronavirus and are not ruling out that the coronavirus leaked from the lab in Wuhan. A French Nobel prize winner and virologist already made an educated statement proving the COVID-19 is a man made virus and that Chinese scientists were working on the AIDS vaccine (since the virus does have some of the HIV particles) and the virus was released.

Coronavirus Changed Virus Classification – What Does It Entail?

Coronavirus is still a main topic on the news and social media around the world. Currently there are over 3.1 million of the infected and over 217,000 deaths around the globe. As a result of the latest COVID-19 pandemic scientists decided to use new virus classifications. The new system will have better spread and will essentially allow them to track the mutations of the viruses. This will allow more precise research.

US Deports Infected Migrants to Guatemala

The disagreement between Guatemala and the United States due to the deportation of migrants in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic is now public. For weeks, there were serious suspicions about some of the Guatemalan migrants returned by the US authorities. They were infected after unsuccessfully trying to enter the country with the highest number of cases and deaths from covid-19 in the world.

Coronavirus and Your DNA

It is clear in many countries the peak of the coronavirus passed. Nevertheless, the spread of the coronavirus remains a concern and it is possible a second wave of COVID-19 could emerge. Many scientists internationally are racing to create a viable vaccine and to decipher the virus mutations in order to create proper protocol purely tailored to coronavirus treatment.