US Politics – Assassination Probability Numbers Skyrocket – and Not Just Politicians

Over the last eight years we have witnessed an ever-increasing amount of hatred for political leaders and high tech CEO’s/Owners here in the United States, and abroad (These would include the rich who give billions to impose their views of how the whole world should be living). For the purpose of this article we will focus on the United States.

President Trump – a Nobel Peace Prize Candidate – Campaigns in Pennsylvania

President Trump in the last days of his campaign carries with him the credit of a Nobel Prize nomination for his peace efforts in the Middle East. President Trump has been nominated for Nobel Peace prize by Norwegian lawmaker Christian Tybring-Gjedde.  Christian Tybring Gjedde is a member of the Norwegian Parliament for the far right progress party.

The Big Lie – Covering Up the Truth About Corona

In Israel has been produced a video endorsing the use of Hydrochloroquine with Zinc for treatment of Corona virus in the early stages.  In the beginning of the Corona outbreak in March a technique of treatment was discovered by a doctor practicing in Upstate New York. The physician Dr. Zelenko risked his job by using a creative treatment without FDA approval. In his community where lived exclusively Chassidic Jews through this treatment, he was able to prevent hospitalizations and deaths.

CDC is Coronavirus Testing Your Dog and Cat

Department of health teams are visiting homes to test your dogs and cats for coronavirus. Texas scientists have reported finding two pet cats with the coronavirus — the first in the state. Cats were swabbed as part of a study being conducted at Texas A&M University to understand how pets living in “high-risk” households may be impacted by COVID-19.

Disguising the Truth – Corona Pandemic

A video from Dr. Simone Gold denounces the establishment about their covering up the truth about Corona Pandemic and the use of Hydrochloroquine.  18 million people saw this video until it was censored taken off the internet and face book.  Dr. Simone Gold is a Board Certified medical physician working in the emergency room in hospitals for over thirty years. Dr. Simone Gold in this video endorsed the use of HydroChloroquine and Zinc in treatment of Corona virus in its early stages. She claims when a doctor cannot talk about medicine already there is no free speech. She believes in HydroChloroquine treatment discovered by Dr. Zelenko.

How Far Will Radical Marxist Take This Country?

The United States is far from perfect but it is light years ahead of every other country on the planet. We are ahead in freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly and I could go on and on. We have the highest standard of living with unlimited means of success if we work hard. The poorest American in the USA is better off than the majority of people living throughout the world.

Health Experts: White Supremacy Contributes to COVID – Is it a Lethal Public Health Issue?

While only a few weeks ago the media and public health officials recoiled in horror and disgust at the notion of protesters taking to the streets in response to what they felt were issues of governmental overstep and abuse of power, these entities have now thrown their overwhelming support behind the far more unstable and violent protests in regards to the wrongful death of George Floyd at the hands of a white police officer.