How Biden Plans to Change Immigration Laws

2020 was a long year for many with the many changes that came to the world, some of which were good and some of which were bad. One change that could have been good depending on who you are in the introduction of a new president who is known as Joe Biden. Biden has a heart for helping immigrants, which is why he has made it a purpose to change many immigration laws that were put in place before his time. You can see some of the changes that have occurred and that will occur in the information that is found below.

Russia — Putin Focuses A Full Day of Negotiation with Lukashenko

The president of Russia Vladimir Putin and the president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko will hold the talks in Sochi this week. The talks are on the eve of the  February 23rd, which traditionally is the holiday that honors men in Russia.  Lukashenko arrived in Sochi well an advance and this is the first time, Lukashenko left Belarus after the beginning of the protests.

From 1950s ‘Domestic Goddess’ to Modern Day Maverick – How Cleaning Routines Have Changed Over Time

Taking care of the space we call home is human nature. There is evidence as early as Neanderthal times that we were decorating our caves with ornaments, and painting on walls to share stories and entertain loved ones.

Nowadays, we are more likely to be fending off unwanted phone calls than a predator in the wild, but our drives when it comes to our home remain the same.

Ukraine —The Betrayal

The Ukrainian State Bureau of Investigation announced the  charges against the former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych with the high treason on the January 28th, 2021. The charges are pertaining the agreements Yanukovich signed with Russia. On  April 21, 2010, representatives of  the Ukraine and Russia signed agreements in Kharkiv on the conditions of the Russian Black Sea Fleet’s stay.

The Covid 19 Nail in the Coffin for Musicians

Where do we go from here? Everyone is aware of the Covid 19 virus. It has taken its toll on everyone. Everyone was affected one way or the other by this virus. People have lost their lives, their jobs. Businesses have closed went under never to open again.

How about the forgotten musician who has taken the back seat to all of this. People do not realize there are millions of musicians who make they’re living from performing in clubs and live concerts.

President Trump – a Nobel Peace Prize Candidate – Campaigns in Pennsylvania

President Trump in the last days of his campaign carries with him the credit of a Nobel Prize nomination for his peace efforts in the Middle East. President Trump has been nominated for Nobel Peace prize by Norwegian lawmaker Christian Tybring-Gjedde.  Christian Tybring Gjedde is a member of the Norwegian Parliament for the far right progress party.

CDC is Coronavirus Testing Your Dog and Cat

Department of health teams are visiting homes to test your dogs and cats for coronavirus. Texas scientists have reported finding two pet cats with the coronavirus — the first in the state. Cats were swabbed as part of a study being conducted at Texas A&M University to understand how pets living in “high-risk” households may be impacted by COVID-19.