Biggest Problem? Fake News Polls Ahead of Crime, Climate Change and Racism

A shocking new poll by Pew Research shows that Fake News, or the trust of journalism and government, is now more important than Terrorism, Sexism, Illegal Immigration and more. That is one reason Communal News was founded, allowing for an open news hub to bring both the writers and the readers closer to together. Americans are taking issue with their political leaders and the activist groups that openly create fake and misleading news. Conservatives/Republicans have more problems with journalists (especially compared to Democrats), believing that a journalists’ ideological beliefs outweigh their professional ethics. The majority of those being polled believe fake news will be getting worse going into the next 2020 presidential election cycle.

Biden Maintains 20 Point Lead Over Dem Rivals

Vice President Joe Biden (D) continues to lead all rivals for the Democratic nomination by a wide margin. The only other candidate with double digit support is Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders (D), and Biden leads him by 20 points.

Biden also leads in a head-to-head match up with President Donald Trump in the key Electoral College states of Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Trump leads Biden in North Carolina. The men are tied in Arizona. However, it’s worth remembering that nearly every pollster was wrong about the 2016 presidential outcome.

Poll: Joe Biden Leading Donald Trump by 7.8%

Vice President Joe Biden (D) is leading current President Donald Trump (R) by 7.8% in the 2020 Presidential election poll.

Please remember in the last presidential election almost every poll had Secretary of State Hillary Clinton leading President Trump, and most polls had her leading substantially.

Either way this must be consider very good news and a strong start for Joe Biden taking an early lead. Especially knowing as of April 23 their were 229 Democratic candidates who officially filed to run for President.

Source: RealClear Politics