9 Success Tips for Achieving High Emotional Intelligence as a Project Manager

Project management is considered one of the most stressful job categories in the world. At the same time, planning and executing projects is essential for organization growth. Success in project management depends on how well a project manager can juggle multiple tasks at a time. But it not only requires acute technical skills and a knack for controlling several moving parts. It also leans on your ability to manage people effectively.

13 Commonly Used Project Management Terms

Being a project manager, you should be aware of certain terms. Read below the 13 basic yet big-picture project management terminologies that you should know to run things smoothly and on schedule. However, some of the terms listed might seem self-explanatory, they worth being on the list as they will be helpful to you while planning your next project. They will help you achieve your goals, keep your team focused and allocate resources efficiently. Check them out below.