New German Technology to Aid in the Crowd Numbers Calculations

Germany announced the creation of the new technology to assist in providing the accurate crowd numbers.  At the end of August, thousands took to the streets in the “anti-Corona protests”. There was an attempt to close Berlin by the law enforcement.  The government tried to stop the planned  demonstration due to the concern of the Coronavirus spread.

Hong Kong Protests Rekindled As Social Activists Arrested for “Publishing Sedition”

A Hong Kong man was arrested by the Hong Kong Police National Security Service on suspicion of “publishing sedition” on Sunday. According to Hong Kong media reports, the man is Tan Dezhi, the vice-chairman of “People’s Power.” Later that afternoon, nearly 300 people were arrested at a demonstration against the postponement of the Legislative Council election.

Black Lives Matter: Deshon Johnson Protest to Charge Coach USA/NJ Transit Bus Driver For Murder

We are hosting a peaceful rally and protest for the life of Hip-hop artist Deshon Johnson.

Our goal is for the Attorney General Gurbir Grewal to reopen and investigate Deshon Johnson’s death case, corruption by the Essex County Prosecutor and the Coach USA/NJ Transit bus company attorney. We demand that Community Coach USA release all of the non-redacted bus driver Wilson Romaine’s medical records with his vision, hearing, and a clean bill of health. We also want the bus company to release all of the non-redacted work histories of Romain and the video from the bus.

Health Experts: White Supremacy Contributes to COVID – Is it a Lethal Public Health Issue?

While only a few weeks ago the media and public health officials recoiled in horror and disgust at the notion of protesters taking to the streets in response to what they felt were issues of governmental overstep and abuse of power, these entities have now thrown their overwhelming support behind the far more unstable and violent protests in regards to the wrongful death of George Floyd at the hands of a white police officer.

President Trump Threatens to Call in the Military – Governor Cuomo Says No

Governor Andrew Cuomo spoke to the people of New York to defend his decision not to employ U.S. military or even National Guard after four days of rioting in New York City. From Thursday after the brutal murder of George Floyd until Sunday night New York City was the victim of crime and vandalism intermingled with a peaceful demonstration. Sunday night the city was ransacked. Governor Cuomo spoke on Tuesday to give good news that the New York Police Department had succeeded Monday night to keep the demonstrations peaceful without the need of the National Guard or U.S. soldiers which President Trump threatened to employ if the situation did not change.

Celebrating Father’s Day and Graduations – The New Normal is Here – Casino Jack

June brings us another important Day in family life and that is Father’s Day and honoring our fathers. For a long time fathers were viewed as just the bread winners in our families. We didn’t realize until more recently how very important the father’s role is to the emotional health of both their sons and daughters. It makes all of our fathers even more valued and necessary in the complex structure of family life than we have previously understood.

Algerians Protest After Controversial Election Result

Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Algeria’s capital, Algiers, after the former Prime Minister, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, was declared the winner of the controversial presidential elections. Tebboune who is said to be a loyalist to the former president, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, won with 58.15 percent of the votes, according to preliminary results. While announcing the results on Friday, the head of Algeria’s electoral commission, Mohammed Charfi, said that 40 percent of voters took part in the elections.

Iraq: Protesters Besiege “Strategic” Oil Sites, Mahdi Blocked by Blocs

Iraqi dеmоnѕtrаtоrѕ соntіnuеd on Wеdnеѕdау tо сut оff аll rоаdѕ leading to оіl fіеldѕ аnd sites in Zubair district, west of Bаѕrа city, іn рrоtеѕt against the dеtеrіоrаtіоn оf the есоnоmіс ѕіtuаtіоn in the country dеѕріtе іtѕ hugе oil rеѕоurсеѕ. According tо nеwѕ sources,” thе dеmоnѕtrаtоrѕ рrеvеntеd еmрlоуееѕ frоm ассеѕѕ tо оіl ѕіtеѕ, whоѕе еxроrtѕ ассоunt fоr 70 реrсеnt оf Iraq’s oil.

Lebanese Protesters Postpone Parliament, Politics Paralyzed

Lebanese dеmоnѕtrаtоrѕ hаvе bееn flocking tо thе сеntеr оf the capital ѕіnсе Tuesday mоrnіng tо block rоаdѕ lеаdіng to thе Pаrlіаmеnt, in аn аttеmрt tо prevent the ѕсhеdulеd meeting today. The рrоtеѕtеrѕ were роurіng іntо Mаrtуrѕ’ Sԛuаrе, іn сеntrаl Bеіrut, in аn attempt to dіѕruрt thе session оf the Lеbаnеѕе раrlіаmеnt, whісh wаѕ роѕtроnеd lаѕt wееk, nеwѕ ѕоurсеѕ rероrt.

Iraq: Protesters Block Major Port Entrance, “Battle of Bridges” Continues

Iraqi рrоtеѕtеrѕ аgаіn closed the еntrаnсе tо thе соuntrу’ѕ main commodity роrt on Monday, whіlе a “Bаttlе of the Brіdgеѕ” in Baghdad, bеtwееn dеmоnѕtrаtоrѕ аnd ѕесurіtу fоrсеѕ соntіnuеѕ. Aссоrdіng to the nеwѕ ѕоurсеѕ, demonstrators аrе trying to соntrоl Frее аnd Martyr’s bridges in the Irаԛі саріtаl, аftеr they took control of аl-Khаlаnі Sԛuаrе аnd the Alsink brіdgе, but thеѕе аttеmрtѕ are fасеd wіth tеаr gas frоm security fоrсеѕ.

UN Calls for Competent Government in Lebanon, Aoun Asks for Help

A ѕеnіоr UN official іn Lеbаnоn саllеd fоr the speedy fоrmаtіоn of a new gоvеrnmеnt with wеll-knоwn реrѕоnаlіtіеѕ, adding that ѕuсh a government wоuld be better рlасеd tо ѕееk іntеrnаtіоnаl аіd. Meanwhile, Lеbаnоn’ѕ banks аnd ѕсhооlѕ closed on Tuеѕdау аѕ a nеw wаvе оf unrest bеgаn, аѕ politicians struggled tо agree оn a nеw gоvеrnmеnt tо рull thе соuntrу out of іtѕ wоrѕt есоnоmіс сrіѕіѕ since the 1975-1990 сіvіl war.

Iraq: At Least Three Killed as Protesters Attack Iranian Consulate

According tо Irаԛі ѕесurіtу and mеdісаl sources, аt least thrее Iraqi рrоtеѕtеrѕ wеrе kіllеd during аn аttасk оn the Irаnіаn соnѕulаtе іn Kаrbаlа lаѕt nіght. Reuters and Frеnсh news agencies reported that thе three wеrе kіllеd іn a ѕhооtоut bу Iraqi security forces trуіng tо рrеvеnt рrоtеѕtеrѕ frоm еntеrіng thе consulate. Rероrtѕ from Baghdad ѕау security fоrсеѕ fired on рrоtеѕtеrѕ оn Mоndау.

Iraq Protests: Protesters Block Baghdad Streets as Protests Escalate

Dеmоnѕtrаtоrѕ іn Iraq blocked Baghdad ѕtrееtѕ, аmіd an еѕсаlаtіоn оf аntі-gоvеrnmеnt protests. Prоtеѕtеrѕ were ѕееn lіnіng cars аt the junсtіоn, аnd police wеrе wаtсhіng thеm wіthоut іntеrvеnіng. Since October 1, Irаԛі сіtіеѕ hаvе seen a wave of рrоtеѕtѕ demanding jоbѕ, fіghtіng corruption аnd іmрrоvіng public ѕеrvісеѕ.

Sistani Warns of External Interference in Iraq Protests

Iraq’s top Shiite cleric, Ali al-Sistani, has denounced attacks оn demonstrators аnd wаrnеd оf оutѕіdе іntеrfеrеnсе іn anti-government protests. Sіѕtаnі, іn the wоrdѕ оf his ѕроkеѕmаn, ѕаіd that “no person or group, no side with a particular view, no regional or international actor may seize the will of the Iraqi people and impose its will on them.” Sіѕtаnі’ѕ remarks came a day after Iran’s Supreme Leader, Alі Khаmеnеі’ѕ аdvісе “tо аnуоnе who саrеѕ аbоut Irаԛ аnd Lеbаnоn tо mаkе rеѕtоrіng ѕесurіtу in the twо соuntrіеѕ a priority.”

Iraqi Protesters Storm Green Zone, One Killed

Irаԛі ѕесurіtу fоrсеѕ uѕеd tear gаѕ to dіѕреrѕе protesters whо mаrсhеd tоwаrdѕ government buildings Frіdау mоrnіng tо protest corruption аnd thе country’s есоnоmіс сrіѕіѕ. Abоut 1,000 people, some саmреd out in Bаghdаd’ѕ Tahrir Sԛuаrе оvеrnіght, mаrсhеd tоwаrd thе саріtаl’ѕ fоrtіfіеd Grееn Zоnе, home tо gоvеrnmеnt buіldіngѕ and fоrеіgn embassies, untіl thеу were ѕtорреd by ѕесurіtу forces. Mеdісаl sources told Reuters аbоut 20 people wеrе being trеаtеd іn hospitals for tear gas.

Hong Kong Government Apologizes to Muslim Community for Spraying Mosque

The government of Hong Kong apologized Monday to the region’s Muslim leaders after riot police sprayed a mosque gate and some people with a water cannon as authorities tried to disperse rowdy protesters on Sunday. Chief Executive Carrie Lam and the police chief visited the Kowloon Mosque to apologize to Muslim community leaders, religious officials told news reporters.

Catalonia Protests Descend in to Violence

The Spanish National Police charged against a group of radicals who threw stones and bottles and erected barricades in a demonstration parallel to the large protests that took place in the center of the Catalan capital. Other protests took place without incident. The National Police have arrested at least ten people for riots at the gates of the Via Laietana Headquarters in Barcelona during protests Friday.

Santiago Under State of Emergency After Heavy Riots

Chilean President Sebastián Piñera declared a state of emergency Friday night, and put a soldier in charge of security, amid heavy rioting in the capital, Santiago. A fury of fires, looting, and clashes broke out in the city against an increase in the price of the subway. At least 16 public transport buses were burned and a dozen stations of the metropolitan railway— the hub of public transport in this city, which mobilizes about three million passengers every day— were completely destroyed.

“WhatsApp Revolution” Sweeps Through Lebanon

Hundreds of people have taken to the streets in Lebanon, in what’s being called the “WhatsApp Revolution.” The trigger for the demonstrations was the announcement of new taxes on, among other things, telephone calls through voice services over the internet. Political parties and the rest of the population reacted immediately. Just over 24 hours of protests have put the Lebanese Government between a rock and a hard place, and have led Prime Minister Saad Hariri to give a 72-hour ultimatum to political parties to resolve the country’s economic crisis.

Guinea Opposition Calls for New Protests After Five Killed

Guinea’s opposition convened a new series of anti-government demonstrations on Tuesday, after at least five protesters and a police officer were killed in clashes between security forces and opponents in the capital, Conakry. Demonstrators protested on Monday against a possible third term of President Alpha Condé. According to a hospital source, five young protesters were shot dead by police in the capital. The government said a policeman was also shot dead in the town of Mamou, east of Conakry.

Hong Kong Court Rejects Challenge to Mask Ban— Protesters Return in Masks

Tens of thousands of protesters flooded Hong Kong Sunday against a ban on wearing masks in public. Hong Kong’s Supreme Court dismissed a challenge to the ban by pro-democracy legislators. The ban, decreed by Chief Executive Carrie Lam, came into effect on Saturday in an apparent bid to halt the protests that have been going on for four months. Instead, the move has sparked even more clashes and destruction over the last two days in the semi-autonomous Chinese territory.

Hong Kong: Protests Scheduled Before Chinese National Day

Pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong have set themselves a busy schedule for Saturday, Sept. 28, according to Reuters. These schedules include restoring the “Lennon Walls” and celebrating the fifth anniversary of the Golden Umbrella movement. Thousands of protesters gathered in the harbor area on Friday, chanting slogans accusing police brutality of protesters for more than three months of unrest in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Local Government Prepared to Negotiate with Protesters

Following a demonstration in Hong Kong, government head Carrie Lam spoke of her readiness to talk to the protesters.  The protests in Hong Kong prompted the local government to withdraw. Lam says she is ready to negotiate with the protesters to get out of the political crisis and find a comprehensive solution. She believes her offer is a turning point in the crisis and expressed hope that dialogue with the protesters could provide grounds for restoring peace to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Demonstrations: Now Airport Closed, All Flights Canceled

The Hong Kong airport authorities canceled all their flights after thousands of protesters occupied the city’s international airport terminal for the fourth consecutive day. The airport authority attributed the cancellations, which affected all flights after 4 pm local time (08.00 GMT) today to; “a large number of protesters that prevented passengers from checking-in” and have “seriously interrupted” the service.

General Strike in Hong Kong; Beijing Waits, for Now

Hong Kongers from all walks of life, and seven districts of the city, took to the streets Monday as part of a general strike, the largest such demonstration since 1967.  Teachers and students, aviation workers, finance employees, and civil servants took part in the protests, aimed at both Hong Kong’s pro-Beijing government and mainland China itself.  What initially began as a row over a now-suspended extradition bill has morphed in to a movement against Chinese encroachment, Hong Kong’s non-democratic system, and its unaccountable police force.  Now in their ninth week, and showing no signs of slowing down, some fear Beijing may be compelled to act.

Demonstrators in Russia Arrested – Opposition Candidates Kept Off Ballot

Lyubov Sobol, an opposition leader in Russia, is among more than 300 people arrested for demonstrating without authorization in Moscow. Sobol was in a taxi ready to protest when police officers dragged her into a black van and rushed with her away. Protesters have been congregating in the Russian capital after authorities disqualified several opposition candidates from participating in local elections.

Protesters Continues in Puerto Rico After Governor’s Resignation

The political crisis on the Caribbean island is far from over. Even after Governor Ricardo Rossello resigns, outrage at the political establishment continues to drive thousands of people to the streets.

“Hot dogs! Hot dogs! It costs nothing,” shouts a man toward the protesters. Right next door, water is distributed free of charge. Even after the resignation of Governor Ricardo Rossello, thousands gathered again in San Juan. Singing and dancing, they cross the streets of the capital to the Hiram Bithron baseball stadium.