Isopropyl Alcohol Market Diverse Demand

“The Isopropyl alcohol market is foreseeing a growth day by day and to address this upsurge in demand for Isopropyl alcohol worldwide; producers are aggressively putting resources to enhance their production capability. Although the word Isopropyl alcohol resembles alcohol, it is an alcohol but its usages and use are diverse in Industries to households. On the other hand, the supply of raw materials utilized for the manufacturing of IPA is fluctuating because of which their costs are constantly increasing. This continues as a foremost impediment in the direction of the market growth.

China’s Domination of Raw Materials Export – Can the EU Find an Alternative Source?

The European Union (EU) members will hold discussions on the November 19 in Brussels, Belgium on measures needed to stop China’s domination in the area of rare earth elements and other critical resources. The issue is relevant due to the US-China trade war and security issues. It does not help that Russia recently decided to send over 82 tones of monazite to China in the near future. Monazite is a reddish-brown phosphate mineral containing rare earth metals.